Wes Carr

Wes Carr

"I had an awesome two-hour session with Wes. It was very beneficial and I learned so much."



"I did the two-hour session with Wes and I think he did an outstanding job. I look forward to many more exercises like this again because it taught me a lot of things about me and my family that I didn't know!"



"This was a great experience for me as I learned a lot of what I think about the topics on my pie chart. I am also liking my list of affirmations posted on my wall above my dresser this is a great day starter after prayer. Wes is very professional and explained the goal well."                                                          



"I gave Wes my perspective on the importance of jobs, health, faith, relationships, religion, self-worth, school, and family. The last exercise was creating a daily affirmation list. This list is a tool to help you to be engaged and focused on goals and your development process of becoming a better you."



"I can say that my life coaching session was very eye-opening. I was able to see where I am in life and know what need to or can do to get where I want to be. It was a great atmosphere and it helped."



"Wes did an awesome job and I look forward to more exercises like that again because it taught me things about my family."



"We discussed certain aspects in life such as health, family, religion, and self-worth. And I must say that Wesley did an awesome job. I was able to open up more on issues and situations that in the past I was too closed in to discuss. It made me feel heard and understood. This was a first time experience for me, but after it all I feel like I could use these services again in the future. I was very satisfied."



"I was pleased with my experience. Wes' questions were thorough and he helped me to see what I could work on in regards to being satisfied with my current job."



"Wes is an incredible listener. I was able to share my story and concerns while really feeling heard. He is a gentle coach and has a great energy about him. I am grateful for his smart questions and powerful insight." 



"I must admit that it was interesting and somewhat fearful because I personally know him. However, he coached me as though we were complete strangers. He was very attentive to my body language, word choice and my tone.  He took me on a journey that allowed me to look at myself in the third person and acknowledge the obstacles that I personally created. I felt like I could accept myself and my truth to move forward focused. He is a excellent coach!"