Wellness Matters

Wellness Matters


"Wellness Matters was very inspiring and authentic. I was able to relate to many of the stories, thoughts, and personal passions." - Jazzy Sdlihc

"This book made me realize how long its been since I took a time out in life to enjoy being me.  And that I am unique and special in my own way.  I felt energized and uplifted after I read this book." - Stacey Melton


"Wellness Matters is full of information that will help others to deal with similar matters in their lives. It is great to be able to relate to the information and feel that I am not alone with my walk on my journey of life. The down-to-earth approach the writers used provides good reading material." - Vermell Brown


"What a wonderful book! With chapters like Everything Matters and None of It Matters, I found myself challenged to think about what matters to me. The 16 chapters give a variety of perspectives on what matters in life. These chapters helped me think about different aspects of my life and what balance I have and don't have in my life. The chapter on Music Matters reminded me of the importance of music throughout my l life and how little time I'm giving to listening to music. I recommend this book to anyone who isn't sure what matters in life. Readers may even find themselves coming up with different things that matter. This book can lead readers to move from wondering what's important in life to beginning to identify what is important and acting on what's important." - Jean Reynolds


"I have read Wellness Matters and enjoyed that the book consisted of various authors. I enjoyed that each chapter started with a storyline and enjoyed each chapter and how everything in our lives are associated and directly makes up the very being of ourselves mentally, socially, spiritually, physically and emotionally, this is definitely a book for the Holistic self." - Dionne Crockett


"I really enjoyed this book. I enjoyed the fact that I could jump in anywhere and start reading. I also appreciated the different perspectives of all the Life Coaches. I think that's important because this particular book has something to offer everyone. This is something that you can read as you grow as a person--then read it again and find new meaning in the same text!  Ashiya's chapter 'Breath Matters' really resonated with me. It's something I will take into account and utilize in my everyday life--AND it was a 'hidden' affirmation in her text that gave me confirmation of recent events!" - Michelle Jones


"Sixteen Life Coaches write concisely and with careful insight on different aspects of life and wellness that matter to them personally. The collection builds into a simply read yet profound journey of shared human experience. It offers gentle inspiration toward positive being through real life stories of change and growth by people who have made the time and effort to direct their own lives in ways they have actively chosen. A great little book to delve into, even if you only have a few minutes, for a new perspective and fresh energy.  A wealth of gems to reflect upon through the day and, perhaps, even casually mention in conversation to move out of the 'same old' banter!" - Andrew J. Williamson 


"The collection of essays in Wellness Matters resonated with me as a reader because of the uniqueness of approaches. It is a known fact that people want to increase their overall life satisfaction, however, few know how to achieve it and most feel daunted by the task. In the first chapter, the reader is indirectly asked to be reflective – what does wellness mean to me? What would my own ideal be? The reader’s wheels are set in motion to receive the collection of essays that follow. Each different chapter has a personal suggestion about overcoming obstacles and living a meaningful and fulfilling life. Some of the techniques are not new, but thoroughly personalized in each author’s story. The blend of approaches gives a reader a menu to select from for their life. It is a great resource to return to, reminding us to focus on what is important and who we want to be in our daily lives." - Denise Galbraith


"Wellness Matters is an informative piece of reflective literature that allows both the heart and mind to be fully engaged in the reading experience. Each chapter could bring more meaning to my journey through life, no matter what stage I am at. The chapter, Music Matters, spoke to me because of where I am in the process of understanding creativity and the meaning that it has in each of our lives. I have a new love and respect for music, thanks to Nancy Moran’s insights." - Holly Kaiser


"Wellness Matters is a book for the mind, body, and soul.  It is an easy read and it is filled with varied perspectives on healthy living.  Strategies for happiness and peace to coexist are found all throughout this book. The compilation format provides and added element of freshness with every authors excerpt.  This book should be a read for both life coaches and the individuals who use them.  Dez Stephens and her coauthors have done an excellent job of investing their words in a way they that will pay dividends for readers of all ages for many years to come." - Thurman E. Webb Jr.


"Wellness Matters is small collection of stand-alone chapters written in an honest and accessible manner regarding a variety of health and wellness topics. The chapters vary stylistically and topics include commentary on wellness, believing, breath, ceremony, connection, gardening, music, positive thinking, pain, self-recovery, stress, movement, spirit and more. Each chapter offers a quick insight into the author's perspective on how their chosen topic impacts health and wellness overall and how attention to each might have a positive impact on what matters to the reader. It's a delightful, quick-read that offers insight on how the authors and experts perceive these topics in their own lives and how the reader might find value in them as a part of their own health and wellness journey." - Alice Fleenor


"I purchased the book Wellness Matters off of Amazon and I am glad I did! This book is a hidden treasure with so much wisdom and knowledge. I can see me continuing to reach for it whenever I need some inspiration. I can't wait for the next book to be published." - Kimberly Armstrong


"Wellness Matters is a book about how the various components of wellness matters in the life of both the life coach and client.  The book is significant in that it offers practical advice, rituals and practices that all contribute to a holistic life.  In saying this, I don’t want to make it seem like the book is formulaic because it is not.  In this review I will summarize what I see as the main point of the book and go into brief detail of its organization.  I will then offer my own personal assessment of the book as a source for coaches and clients. After reading the text I find two statements most pertinent as highlighted in the Introduction.  One may be framed as the main point of the book.  The other as the hope of what the book will accomplish.  First, as coaches “we teach what we need to learn.”  Second, the book is about discovering what “matters” and opens us as coaches and clients to “wellness” in our lives.  The point is interconnected with the accomplishment.  That is, cultivating a disposition of openness as a way of being leads the coach and the client into transformative work; higher vibration; respect and humility towards the self and the other.  Openness is the key to grasping what is concealed and what is being revealed in our lives. Structurally the book is more of a gathering of the minds highlighting how certain practices such as journaling and meditation have opened people’s experience to what matters, opening them to a more holistic life.  Regarding this point several of the readings in the book stood out for me.  These include the readings on Believing in Myself Matters; Breath Matters; Connection Matters; Gardening Matters; and Stress Matters.  While all of the readings in the book contain great nuggets, I found these were the ones that touched me the most, including the first reading which goes by the title of the book itself, namely, Wellness Matters.  Each reading in the book is independent of the others and thus the book can be read in any order. There is some room for more editing of the volume, but ultimately, I highly recommend this book for coaches/potential coaches and their clients, as it is a book that records the experiences of real life coaches in what has impacted them on their coaching journey and what has assisted them in living a holistic life." - Charles Bowie


"This book was so inspirational to me! Every chapter had such thought- provoking life stories that make you sit back and really think about what matters in life. The chapters that really spoke to me were Believing in Myself Matters and Gardening Matters! I highly recommend this book because of its sheer simplicity and the authenticity of its authors- so extremely normalizing and heartfelt!!" - Amie Williams


"What a wonderful collection of life! Wellness Matters, Radiant Living and Radiant Careers all offer numerous personal stories and insights into the minds and hearts of compassionate and caring life coaches desiring to make a difference in the world, one human being at a time!" - Bliss Wood


"Wellness Matters provided me with a more wholistic approach to coaching and life overall. I found it inspiring how some coaches took their own personal struggles and used the experience from the situation to assist others with similar issues. With so many unique perspectives available, I found that I gained a great amount of insight that has greatly shaped my personal approach to my career as a wholistic metaphysical wellness life coach." - David Patterson