Trish Nagy

Trish Nagy

"I attended a Holistic Life Coaching class where Trish Nagy was the facilitator. I cannot say enough wonderful things about Trish. She is so receptive and warm. One doesn't feel awkward being open with her. She did a wonderful job! I plan to seek her guidance for additional life coaching sessions."



"It was a powerful group session both because of perspectives Trish presented from her own life as well as how she handled what other participants brought up. Although I consider myself as being somewhat knowledgeable about holistic principles and ideas, this session brought me some important insights which I believe will help me and others live more wholeheartedly."



"I am so grateful for my time talking with Trish!  I loved that I could openly talk with her about the good and bad feelings I had inside of me.  I asked for a session with her because I needed help clearing up thoughts in my head around a specific topic.  I have read books, prayed and meditated, but I really needed to have someone guide me to the place within myself to find my answers. By the end of our session, I felt like weight had been lifted off my chest! I have exciting tasks and projects to throw my attention to that also get my children involved. Trish’s words and guidance come from her heart; you can feel it when you are in her presence."



"I had a wonderful Life Coaching group session with Trish Nagy at Radiant Yoga. It was about 75 minutes, and was for me, positive and productive. I felt Trish guided the group session with clarity and compassion."



"I had a Holistic Life Coaching session with Trish. It was great to be able to talk to her about what bothers me in my life and have her brainstorm with me on how can improve things. In short, I am very grateful for my session with her and I would have another with Trish if the need arose."



"The holistic life coaching class was very enlightening. Though answers are still buried within me, I truly enjoy Trish's instruction and guidance. I'm so glad to have found Radiant Yoga and making it part of my daily practice to renew and find myself. It has been a place for "ME TIME". I truly embrace the principles of holistic healing and natural living. I have much to learn and it has been a most uplifting and exciting journey as I go through my phases of enlightenment and change. I may be interested in a one on one coaching session."



"I attended a life coaching class with Trish and I have to say this was absolutely the most interesting class I have ever attended. I learned so much and look forward to the next opportunity I can attend another class like this. I feel like this class helped me see what areas I need to work on for a more abundant life. I am so grateful that I had this opportunity."



"I attended the Life Coaching class with Trish of Radiant Yoga. I have attended Trish's yoga classes and have always enjoyed her energy, so I was very happy to have the opportunity to attend the life coaching class. It was so easy to listen and follow Trish's guidance. She is such a great speaker and a great example of positive energy. I look forward to future classes she has to offer."



"I attended a group coaching session held by Trish at the Radiant Hot Yoga Studio. The session focused on us, as women, and how to nurture ourselves in our lives. Through stressful times and happy highs, how we must take time to be thankful for the life we have been given and make time for ourselves. I was very inspired by the rituals Trish suggested and little tips to make ourselves feel well. There was input from others in the group during discussion and I must say I'm glad I went."



"I enjoyed my group life coaching session but will readily admit I was the quiet one in the group. That being said, it was informative and strangely relaxing. I'm not sure if is Trish's calm nature or the atmosphere of the group but I left feeling calm and slightly energized to begin a fresh view of my life. It's a journey but I'm getting there."



"I felt that Trish was nonjudgmental. She gave guidance towards thinking on our own but also let us in the right directions to see the goal/objective if her question. She helped remind me that I have to take care of me in order to help others out. This is very hard for me because of  my personality and my profession as a physical therapist. Trish provided great examples if things to try to just make me think of me more."



"I enjoyed the Holistic Life coaching group session with Trish. The information was very informative. Trish did an amazing job in her direction and instruction of coaching to better direct me to my overall health."



"I attended a Holistic life coach event hosted by Trish. I was thrilled to have been invited to attend this as it came at the right time. There were a number of things I learned, and began practicing, almost immediately. I'm adding fruits for my everyday nutrition, and I'm currently working on shifting the mind away from anger and.or resentment. For example, I'm replacing my everyday routine, and creating a ritualistic time for myself. I'm also in the process of creating a sacred place that I can retrieve to where I feel safe and calm. This was the right time in my life to be involved as my husband is currently serving in Afghanistan, so the worries and fears are plenty. Although we've been through  deployments before, I have not experienced it with this kind of perspective. It's refreshing to learn other ways of coping which allows me more mental freedom to create personal goals for better health. I walked away from our meeting feeling a positive energy which became the catalyst to finding a healthier, more centered, me."



"I enjoyed my life coaching session with Trish. She made me feel relaxed and comfortable even in a group session. I didn't know if that would be comfortable or not and it was. The things we discussed and the methods she used really helped me think about how important it is to love myself and that it is ok to take a little time for yourself. I can't be my true whole self to others if I can't even be that way for myself. I am looking forward to continuing some one-on-one training with Trish. I love the direction she has started me in to helping myself, so that I can be more for others."



"In my one-on-one life coaching session with Trish, we were able to elaborated from my last group session. This session was more personal for there were alot of feelings and issues that I just chose not to share with the group. I surprised myself that I even opened up to a total stranger and shared my most intimate feelings. I felt very comfortable with Trish. We connected and I entrusted her with my thoughts. She has great energy to inspire. I feel that the session had brought new light in my life. Though she did not give any directive of what to do or answer life questions, she helped me find my answers within me. I've always been perceived as a strong and all-together person (to the public) yet I have alot of hidden feelings that have deterred my growth to a better being. After my session, I have a better perspective of myself and how to balance my life circle. It took much trust for me to express myself and leave myself open to judgement. Yet that was the furthest from my mind. I'm ready and living my new phase in life. I truly feel that the session was uplifting and energizing. Though I know there is much work ahead for myself, the support and encouragement was empowering. After my session, I sat for awhile to reconfigured my thoughts and did an exercise she had recommended to reform my thoughts. I find that I'm my worst enemy. I am a victim of self-sabotage and yet I also have the power to be my best friend and savior. Being able to love myself and believing in myself to grow. After realization and prayer, I felt so energized with love for myself that I had the best day ever. I am so grateful to have Trish in my life. I'm truly blessed. This work will help me evolve and truly shine and be the best person I can be."



"I enjoyed this life coaching class and the information given and hope to implement the suggestions given into my life. The circle that showed where we focus and what we neglect about ourselves was an eye opener! It was emotional and made me think about myself as a happy child and where I could be again. The environment we had the class in was comfortable and relaxing and made the class enjoyable. I am short on words but large on gratefulness that she gave her time for us."