Tatyana Gann

Tatyana Gann

"I have had the opportunity to work with Tatyana Gann. She has helped me in just that short time move forward and face some fears and make some changes in my life. Just last week I had a breakthrough and made the personal choice to remove a negative individual from my life. That is something I have never done and I credit my conversations with Tatyana helping me work through some struggles and baggage I am/was carrying."


"Tatyana is a terrific life coach!  I just had a session with her and even though I am still processing it, I have a better understanding of who I am, who I want to be and the 'recipe'...what ingredients I need to get there. She asked me the right questions so I could figure it out on my own and she offered me exercises and suggestions that I will enjoy working on. I have new-found energy, motivation and self confidence. What an awesome session. Gratitude is ineffible. I highly recommend Tatyana as a life coach."


"Before I connected with Tatyana, I was at a crossroads in my business. I was stuck and feeling confused on how to move forward. After just a few coaching sessions with Tatyana, she helped me release the blocks that were holding me back and helped me with some very amazing exercises that helped give me more clarity. Since working with her, I have now moved my business forward. I have attracted several clients and I am excited about the future of my business."


"Tatyana has been a very good coach. She knows how and when to ask the questions to put together the game plan for the week. She helps to find the balance one needs. She has very good material and advice."


"I've been delighted to have several sessions with Tatyana. What I've appreciated most from her is the opportunity to verbalize progress I'm making to someone who has similar values and high professional standards. It has helped solidify my own commitment to my plan and purpose and her feedback has been helpful as I move into a new season, both professionally and personally."


"Strong women, and I count myself as one, are often the ones who need a coach in life. We give much, offer advice and send direction to so many. We often do not care for the health and well-being of own souls..as we give much of them away to others. Tatyana came into her coaching at a time when I was in dire need of re~purposing myself, remembering who I am, and growing myself. I needed the lessons she taught, enjoyed the learning I gained from the lessons she gave to me..lessons which took me back in time, and yet pushed me forward to my future. She is an able and attuned Intuitive..one who will further the lives of many."