Tajci Cameron

Tajci Cameron

Do you feel like you always running and never get anywhere? 

Are you stuck asking “What is my purpose” still waiting for an answer?

My name is Tajci Cameron (it sounds exactly like the martial arts Tai-chi). Since I was four I loved exploring connections in life: how we all fit into the bigger picture and how we have an impact on each other and our world. 

It’s always been my passion to help people transform from living in pain, fear and anxiety into living from their authentic core self with joy and purpose. From this place we bring love and compassion into everything we do, become game changers and a peace makers.

I am a holistic coach certified through Radiant Health Institute, a motivational speaker and blogger for Huffington Post. I host a weekly TV show “Waking Up in America” which explores shifting into the life we are created for with guests from different backgrounds.

My ‘day job’ is being a creative music artist - singer/ songwriter and performer. I love coaching performers and speakers on their craft as well as keeping the awareness that what we do (and get to be successful at), doesn’t define who we are and doesn’t measure our worth.

I live in Nashville, TN with my husband and our three sons.

Fun fact: In my teenage years, I was a superstar in my beautiful little country of Croatia (it was Yugoslavia then). The best thing about it was the connection I felt with millions of people. We shared the same joy, hope and love for life, and that experience forever bound us together. It also forever sealed in me the sense of connectivity, unity and oneness of all life.



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*All coaching sessions are done via video or audio only call. 

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Please email me with tajci.official@gmail.com



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"Tajci listened well, offered practical advice, and helped me find clarity regarding the different things that I brought to the table.  Overall, it was a great session and I would recommend her to anyone I know who is looking for a life coach."



"Tajci was so easy to talk to and we quickly built a positive rapport. She created a safe and open environment to share and was very affirming in her comments. I really liked the insights and examples she shared. She offered some great ideas that were a different perspective in reframing my thoughts in a more positive and confident approach, that I am going to try."



"I must say I was very impressed with Tajci's knowledge, compassion and caring.  She gave me some homework for next time and I am very encouraged.  During my session, Tajci made me realize I can give myself permission to love myself as the person God created me to be.  It's okay to focus on myself, my body, my health...to be the best person I can be for my family.  I had a couple of Ah-Ha moments...and that's just in my first session!  She's genuine and sincere."



"Tajci is a great listener and observer. She was really paying attention, listening carefully and helped me find answers in my own words and thoughts. She helped me find courage to move forward, to step into the unknown and look at things from another perspective. So in the end, what I thought are my biggest obstacles turned out the be my advantages."



"I enjoyed working with Tajci. She gave me some useful insights and tools. I feel better equipped for my current plans and found our time together an affirmation of some of the projects/ideas I am working on. The coaching set up of allowing me to decide what to talk about and shape each hour was something I thought might be difficult, especially with the timing in my life, but it actually wasn't. The conversation flowed and Tajci helped bring structure that created more constructive dialogue. She was a great listener, always seeking true understanding and as I already mentioned, providing insights that were useful and helped to bring me more revelations and ideas. I will admit that one session I turned partly into what might've seemed like a therapy session because of where I was at in a personal journey, but even that session helped inspire more creativity in my work. And I credit much of that to Tajci's coaching, which helped shape some thoughts into new perspectives based on her insights and the ones they spurred in my own mind."



"Tajci helped me prepare for an upcoming personal situation over the weekend and coached me today to stay on track on my ongoing journey. She is amazing, insightful and so caring."



"My session with Tajci was very helpful as she instead of giving me advice which may not even work for me, she kindly directed me to look within myself and find my own answers to the fears and doubts, as well as questions I had. Nevertheless, she did share her own experiences with me and offered the tools that worked for her in her own journey of self-discovery. This was a very pleasant and helpful experience."



"I had a wonderful life coach session with Tajci.  Her insights were extremely helpful."



"Tajci was very helpful to give a lot of her attention into my 'story'. She made me feel very comfortable and she patiently listened to everything I needed to talk about as well as my dilemmas. I could tell she was trying to help me with certain things. Obviously the reason why I needed to talk to her was because there are certain things in my life that I have issues with. She tried to point out those things from a different angle so I can have more clarity about the situation. It certainly helped. Tajci seems like a warm human being who's easy to talk to and open up to." 



"Tajci helped me with a lot. She showed me how to love and accept myself better and encouraged me by giving me hope and confidence that I needed! I have much going on in my life currently, and she really helped ground me to the present by not looking back and not looking too far into the future! She helped me find an inner place of peace that I seriously lacked. She also gave me some tools and wisdom for how to continue to put self-acceptance into practice! Of course she was very respectful and loving with everything, too."



"I found my life coaching session to be illuminating. It didn't go the way I had envisioned it going (does it ever?) in that I had hoped to get some advice without revealing anything too intimate about myself. Instead, Tajci was able to strike a beautiful balance between diving deep emotionally and providing practical tools that I can take away from our session and apply going forward. She met me where I was, validated that what I was feeling was OK to feel, and helped me to understand some things I can do to improve myself."