Suzie Kerr Wright

Suzie Kerr Wright


"Suzie was very professional and asked all the right questions. She guided me to a better feeling place in a gentle but meaningful way. She's got the touch."




"I was lucky to have a session with Suzie. We touched on many issues that are going on in this great time of transition for me and she was able to help me put things from the past into a new perspective. She helped me to see many things with new eyes; many of these things I hadn't even thought to put a positive spin on until now. Her upbeat manner and focus on allowing me to open up in the sacred space she held assisted me in digging deeper than I thought we would. I have been going through many life transitions in this past year and we were able to hit on many of the things that have been going on and are on the horizon for me. She also had me do a little visioning on my life in two years, then five and ten years and it really helped put things into perspective. Another aspect of Suzie's coaching that I really loved was when she brought the astrology aspect into the mix. By using my chart, she was able to help me see why certain things were shifting for me and also give me a little taste of what might be in the stars for me and how I could use it to my advantage. I found this incredibly helpful because it was taking what we had discussed as far as 'issues' were concerned and moved it into a looking forward energy. I also feel the astrology aspect added to my session by helping Suzie discern parts of my personality and strengths that I can use as I navigate these changes. I would highly recommend a session with Suzie - her mixture of life coaching plus astrology is very unique and an asset to the healing/self improvement community. I am grateful for our session and I look forward to utilizing what we discussed as I find balance in my life!"




"Suzie provided great insight with her approach and understanding to help me work through questions and challenges in my life. She did this in a way that allowed me to bring forward the areas of most need and emotionally understand the impact in my life. I am grateful to be part of her learning process and would recommend her to others for life coaching. Suzie is compassionate and skilled at listening to help you bring out those things that you can't seem to share with most others."




"Suzie gave me a life coach session and I loved that she included an astrology reading in the middle (it naturally flowed to that). It was a rare treat, since not everyone has the knowledge/ability in this and it gave me great insight and helped spark my memory about a fear I had that we then worked out. She asked great questions and was a great listener. All-around great session. I recommend Suzie to anyone."




"My life coaching session with Suzie helped me to realize that I have the answers to a lot of my questions and that I am more in touch with myself. Suzie listened and allowed me to organize what were my root concerns in my life."




"I had a wonderful coaching session with Suzie. It was timely and exactly what what I needed. I loved that she could bring the astrology knowledge into the session and give insight where needed regarding my chart. I left the session feeling validated, powerful and with a few things to ponder for future growth. I intend to recommend Suzie whenever I can. I'm very grateful for her insights, intuition and loving heart energy."




"It was like talking with an old friend who knew me well. This fundamental understanding seemed to come from Suzie's foundational understanding of astrology and thus her already kinda knowing who I was. I spoke about things going on in my head and because Suzie already understood, we seemed not to have too much need for reflection. The way that Suzie ties the reflection and genuine curiosity together works really well for greater understanding."




"I had a session with Suzie and it was very interesting and enlightening,  I'm planning on seeing her again.  She has done astrology for me as well.  I am very interested in taking the course myself.  She' s doing very well."




"I met with Suzie yesterday for my first life coaching session ever.  I didn't know what to expect or even what I would want to work on.  Suzie made me very comfortable as we simply had a conversation about what is going on in my life and where I might need some support.  As it turns out, the questions Suzie posed were very good at helping me to discover the answers within myself.  Identifying the 4-5 action steps I could take to feel more empowered allowed me to start feeling less stressed immediately.  And identifying the one action step that was most important allowed me to see the starting line.  Suzie also identified how the energies in my astrological chart explain what is happening as I go through this period of expansion in my life.  Suzie seems very comfortable in the role of coach.  Her attention to what is being shared and her ability to help expand the picture while drilling into specifics serve to provide clarity and awareness."




"I had a life coaching session with Suzie and would like to tell you that it was an excellent session!  Suzie demonstrated much compassion, understanding and insightfulness.  I felt that our one session unfolded a significant piece in my current journey....a building block on which to continue.  I hope to turn to her in the future and will highly recommend her to my friends." 




"I wasn't quite sure how it would go, but Suzie put me at ease right away.  I came away with answers from within myself on how to overcome one problem and what I really want to do with another one.  Suzie had me digging away inside myself for the answers to these questions.  I even got a mental picture of who would help me.  I would highly recommend Suzie to anyone looking for a Life Coach."




"I had a life coaching session with Suzie and it went extremely well. I could tell this by the fact that afterwards I was shaken up, internally questioning and left with many things to contemplate about myself. Her line of questioning was intuitive, blunt but not rigid or intimidating. It was extremely helpful in my continuing to head down a path of shedding my limiting beliefs and conceptions of the way things 'really' are. She is also a super awesome person, pleasant to talk to and I love her vibe! I could not recommend her enough to the kind of individual or seeker who is ready to start asking the tough questions and truly excel in this life."




"I had a coaching session with Suzie Kerr Wright. It was a great experience. She asked great questions that helped me look at things in a new way."




"I had a one hour session with Suzie, and wow. I have never had a life coaching session before. I had been thinking about needing to find someone doing this. When I found out Suzie was doing this, I jumped at it. Something about her personality, and conversations we have had in the past have always helped me to find some clarity. Currently I have been struggling with job/career issues. 'Do I?' or 'Don't I?' type questions, and 'just what is it I need to do to move forward in my career path?', and, 'what exactly is my career path?' I have had two very different ideals in my mind, and for the longest time thought they had to be separate - they could not merge. I knew going in she was not going to have any hard and fast answers for me but would help me to find the right path to my answers. Through our discussion, Suzie helped me to see that I don't have to see these ideals as being separate, but instead as a progression. Not a complete merger (which I could not envision in anyway) but an overlap. She asked 'what ifs' and had me describe exactly how I saw these things happening. It was very powerful and emotional for me to finally be able to see how my future can work and have these disparaging elements come together. Where I was they were pulling me apart. Now I can see how they can focus my energies. Another thing I liked and I found profound was she wanted to focus on the here now and future. It doesn't really matter how I got here. I'm here now, lets keep going forward. I think too much in my life, and the people I deal with is about how I got to where I am. It's been about here now and the past. I have already taken action steps we discussed, she helped me to draft an email communication that could become a pivot point for my career. And I have been really thinking about from here forward, instead of from here and how I got here. I feel like I've turned my focus around. I am looking forward to continued work with her as a life coach."




"I just wanted to say that I did not know what to expect with life coaching. I’ve never had a coaching session in my life. Suzie helped me to feel very comfortable exploring some difficulties that I had been having and really helped me to look at the entire situation from a different perspective. Another aspect of Suzie’s session that I enjoyed was her ability to bring the entire discussion full circle from the first item to the last. To see things in their entirety was very eye-opening for me. I think the fact that I am still reviewing the discussion in my mind today also speaks to the level in which Suzie was able to delve with me on one or two subjects and just how intertwined they are in my life. I liked the fact that she helped me get there on my own through discussion and not letting me wiggle out with no answer. In my opinion, this will actually help me to actively change and channel my energies differently. I feel very blessed to have had the opportunity to work with her and wish her much continued success!"




"I am so glad I had the opportunity to have a life coaching session with Suzie! I like the technique she uses with her questions. It really had a way of getting me to see what was going on beneath my surface. I became more aware of where doubts were coming from and a lot of things came out during the 90 minutes we spent talking. Suzie talked with me about the Law of Attraction and how I can use it more in my life. She ended our session with telling me about my astrological chart. She is so kind and welcoming!"




"I was curious about the mix of astrology and coaching and how that might come together. Suzie did a nice job setting the session up and creating a comfortable space. She was excellent at listening and found easy and supportive ways to weave astrology information in as the session went along. She always asked before she shared. It was very interesting to hear that my chart supported the choices and direction I am taking. She stayed grounded and present as the session brought up some OLD stuff that I didn't really see coming until it came through my body (throat). She did a great job sitting with me as I worked through that event. She let the session be about me and did not seem to have an agenda that she needed to keep. I felt safe, supported and appreciated by her...and had an amazing shift. I could not ask for more."




"My coaching session with Suzie Kerr Wright was fantastic. I've never had a coaching session before so I didn't really know what to expect. Suzie is incredibly warm and easygoing and immediately put me at ease as we started talking. She focused in on several areas of my life and asked specific, directed questions that helped me clarify my feelings and confirm the direction my life is moving. Her knowledge of astrology was an added bonus, further confirming my feelings and bringing everything together. Thank you Suzie for a fabulous session!"