Susan Murray

Susan Murray

"Susan and I had two sessions in which I discovered that, all in all, I am pretty comfortable in my own skin.  I found Susan to be knowledgeable, creating a relaxed and positive experience."



"Last year I lost my husband to cancer, living with the pain of that loss overwhelmed me at times and kept me in a holding pattern of hurt and guilt. Did I do everything that I could, did I feed him right? When Susan asked me to participate I was open to have these sessions. The sessions didn't change my life, they did however remind me that I had one and with gentle but firm nudges and great emotional insight Susan helped me to move toward more positive goals. When I viewed the chart that I had made at her instruction it occurred to me that I was sorely lacking in key elements to help with healing. I fully realized that the 'shoulds' should remain in the regret free zone.  The tangible chart further made me realize my own conclusions and a clearer understanding of what happened to he and I which brought clarity to the situation. I am not healed. But with knowledge comes power and with Susan's most inspired positives came more awareness."



"My session with Susan was quite simply fantastic. Being a coach myself, it was an absolute treat to get air time and talk through some of my current hurdles. Susan was amazing at holding the space for me to express myself safely and completely. Her illuminating and spot-on questions really helped me crack through some of my blocks. She guided and inquired without pushing and without any judgment. She has a very calm and calming presence that I appreciate. I feel honored to be a colleague in the coaching world with Susan!"



"Susan was instrumental in helping me talk through what I needed to do to stay focused and in my purpose. By the questions she asked, I was able to come back to what I already knew and find a way to remain in that place. She gave me an exercise to do that I believe will serve its purpose at the right time. We did a guided meditation, which prompted me to encourage Susan to do voice over work or a mediation CD. She has one of the most soothing voices I have ever heard. She took me to the depths of my soul. Because of Susan I now am on a path to wellness. I will begin a new eating and workout routine. It is the most realistic I have ever seen. Susan is an amazing coach with such a calm and gentle presence. I am recharged and excited about things in a new way because of the session I had with her. I highly recommend her."



"My sessions with Susan really helped me to open up about myself in meaningful ways. Usually I'm stuck between 'don't ask, don't tell' and compulsive over-sharing, but Susan was calm, direct, and encouraging. Recognizing and setting goals that I actually wanted to accomplish was so much less stressful with her coaching to keep me on track - and she has such a soothing and centering voice, I never wanted the guided meditations to end!"



"Susan was a wonderful coach who was easy to converse with and get me to look at my life in a different light. It was a wonderful experience and I would recommend her to anyone."



"Susan helped me identify the piece of the puzzle that I've been struggling with, the piece that is holding the others from fitting just right - time management. Susan was amazing. She helped me realize some things about myself that are changing my world view. Susan was great. I felt comfortable with her and I was able to be completely honest and open."



"Susan had me draw a pie and divide it in 6 pieces and label them as different aspects of my life: occupational, spiritual, intellectual, emotional, physical, and social (my choices) and then she had me rate each piece from 1-10, 10 being the best. She asked me what my lowest pieces were and those were the pieces we focused on. My lowest ones were occupational (3) and physical (5). The first week, we focused on the physical because the occupational was something that I truly could control and there were things that had to fall into place before that totally changed. So our first session, we focused more on the physical. She gave me some ideas on how to get to sleep sooner (which is my biggest problem/issue) and some websites to explore. We talked about my multiple health issues and she gave me information that I wrote down to explore in the future. I found this all very helpful. The second week, I was in a little emotional distress about an unpleasant email exchange with a friend and I started talking about that. Even though my social is at an 8, Susan could detect the stress I was under with this latest email exchange with my friend. She allowed me to vent about it and then changed my focus from my friend, to myself. We did the Rainbow Flood Visualization and my focus was successfully shifted off my friend and back onto me after that. Sometime during this session and the first week we did discuss the occupational more in detail because she wanted to make sure there was not something that she could help me with. I told her what my plans were and the steps I needed to accomplish to get there. I used the word "if" regarding my future project and she said that I should eliminate that from my vocabulary in reference to this project and use "when" instead. She is not the first person who has told me this so it was an affirmation of how to think about this ominous task. My timeframe is that within 5 years I would like to get this project off the ground and I do see that as very plausible. The third week, she asked how things were with my friend and I told her that I was pushing back from the friendship and taking a break. We did the Road Map Visualization and I was fascinated with her interpretation of the results. We then did review some of the things we talked about in previous sessions. I felt overall that my sessions with Susan were very insightful and helped me gain clarity. I am very pleased with the results of each session because Susan provided me with additional tools to help me in ways that I knew nothing about."



"Susan was great and I really enjoyed talking to her and working through some things."