Stacey Melton

Stacey Melton

"I cannot thank Stacey enough for the wonderful insight so beautifully worded and the support and encouragement and belief in me.  I am embarking on a new life and I am so excited.  It was a difficult subject for me to talk about, but Stacey made it better with her understanding and support.  I am grateful to have her in my life."



"Stacey helped me most to have someone in my corner, encouraging me, pointing out the negative talk in my head and the ways in which I sabotage myself. Now I have a dialogue with my self and push through the negative talk. My experience with Stacey was helpful and encouraging." 



"It was a very uplifting and inspiring session for me.  Stacey is genuine, encouraging and so easy to talk with!  I took what she told me to heart, implemented some changes and have already begun to see results in my life.  She is wonderful and I am so appreciative of the time she spent with me."



"Stacy has not only turned around how I have been approaching my relationship issue with my significant other, but I have spoken to him about my revelation and am beginning to formulate an article based on the revelation I had during my session. Stacy has a very calming way of being when coaching and makes me feel comfortable and understood without any judgment from her. She is simply amazing."



"My life coaching experience with Stacey has not only helped me with my goals but more importantly, it helped me to discover who I am.  She has the gift of being able to find the hidden treasures that allow me to achieve those goals. My session with Stacey was a productive one."



"I enjoyed a coaching session with Stacey because she is a great listener and a very compassionate person with natural problem-solving skills."



"Stacey really helped me open up my mind.  She was a great listener and I feel I could be myself with her.  She has a way about her that made me want to talk!  She helped me realize that I had all my answers - just didnt know how to get to them.  I highly recommend her as a life coach." 



"It sure was a joy today to talk with Stacey! I been feeling down since the passing of my husband and I just needed someone to talk to. Stacey help motivate me to think of the things I enjoy in life and when Im ready, start living life to the fullest. I so appreciate her coming in today to talk with me, and I hope she comes back real soon."



"I feel Stacey is a very caring person. She helped me with my goals about getting my health better so that I could possibly move back home soon. I know I can do it. It sure was a delight to talk to her about it. She is a good listener and a very nice girl!!"



"I must admit, at first, I was alittle hesitant as to what this experience would actually encompass, but during our session, that certainly vanished rather quickly. Stacey helped me to discover my hidden talents and hobbies that I forgot I had!! I would recommend Stacey to anyone wanting to truly live a fulfilled life."



"Stacey was very helpful. She guided me in ways to approach my kids with open discussions in a non-threatened way."



"There are many people in this world who have jobs.  There are many people who have careers.  And then there are the extremely rare people who answer a calling.  Stacey is one of those rare people.  Her ability to put you at ease and make you feel like you're the most important person in the room is extremely comforting and quite humbling.  Her caring soul and sympathetic ear is exactly what so many of us need these days.  I felt like I was actually being heard instead of competing for 'talk time'.  I really enjoyed our session and truly look forward to the next time that Stacey and I are able to visit and discuss my progress and goals."



"I was anxious,agitated, unable to participate in social activities until I met Stacey! Within minutes, I become relaxed and as ease with her.  She has a calming effect about her.  She was very helpful and easy to talk to."



"The strong trust created in our session was key to enabling me to think,to grow, and make decisions. Stacey helped me see what I needed to do about my health. She also made me laugh alot.  Very helpful lady."



"Stacey was a blessing to me today.  She is a great listener and I enjoyed talking with her about my feelings about living in Brookdale.  She made me comfortable and opened my mind to start getting more involved in the social activities here at Brookdale."



"I enjoyed talking with Stacey today. She let me talk and she listened to me.  She helped me think more positive about living at Brookdale vs living at home.  She give me the confindense to participate in more of the social activities and also to exercise more."



"I was very anxious at first, but Stacey made me feel at ease immediately.  She talked with me about my wife and I realized that I needed to move on and enjoy life.  I have gained confidence since talking with Stacey."