Sherrie Phillips

Sherrie Phillips


"I got the opportunity to make Sherrie Phillips my life coach. Having only met with her for  two sessions, she has opened my eyes and made me believe in myself. I have been challenged to look at areas in my life that can be improved on. She has given me homework that has forced me to discover the person I can become. This has been a valuable life lesson and Sherrie is an amazing coach."


"Having done therapy and transformational work for years, I like to think I am a fairly aware woman. That said, in then last six months I hit a road block in my career and personal life. After working with Sherrie for four sessions, I was able to see into my circumstances with new eyes. This new point of view helped to shift my thinking and  see what I needed to change in myself. Sherrie then helped hold me accountable by taking responsibility and then action for those changes. Sherrie is gifted at seeing into the soul of a situation, listening with a compassionate heart and empowering YOU to take responsibility and live a more joy-filled, expansive life! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!"


"Working with Sherrie for more than 20 hourly sessions has grown me, stretched me, taken me out of my comfort zone and given me more aha moments than I can count. I feel I have been 'broken open' emotionally and am beginning to peel back the layers of dormant feelings that I’ve never dealt with. Sherrie’s coaching style is warm, inviting and comforting and makes you feel secure in opening up to her. What I love most about her is that she is fully present, compassionate, tuned in and gives you the tools to empower yourself, yet is right there to support and champion you along the way. I have come to know & feel the truth of who she is a friend, a healer, a team player and a confidant. Our time together was food for my soul and will benefit me for the rest of my life. Working with Sherrie has been a true gift!"