Shenetta Williams

Shenetta Williams

"Shenetta has helped me and has given me tools to help me cope with some personal issues I’m currently dealing with.  She has talked me through situations.  She has also helped me be aware of different feelings and emotions as well as to look at situations from different perspectives."


"Shenetta conducted a session with me where she gave me a focus and direction on what steps I should take in order to take my career to the next step.  As I explained my goals to her, she validated those plans that supported my ultimate vision but she also had me think of alternatives to those plans that really did not support my ultimate career goals.  I have come to really value talking with Shenetta as she listens without judgment and offers suggestions that are in my best interest and ultimately support me and my career."


"The sessions have really been enlightening and refreshing! Shenetta has really helped me get through some situations having a different outlook and perspective. I've had a lot of progress and success with the things we've been working on.  We will definitely continue to work together. Shenetta has truly been a blessing to my life."


"I participated in three sessions with Shenetta. As I reflect on our sessions, I realized that I had the answer to my problems, I just needed someone to talk me through the process."


"In the lowest point of my life I came to Shenetta who guided me to where I am today. She guided me on how to transition my husband from an out of town job (so our family could be one). When I lost my job she guided me on how to email and stay calm and have confidence in interviews. When I got my car through a government program that required letters and information she guided how to do and what to say. All these life changing events I'm glad I came to her to help get to me where I am today."


"Shenetta was very helpful in assisting me with several areas to work on in order to make life and relationships successful and healthy.  She also shared skills for the development of a healthy lifestyle and was able to recommend an expert in my area.  I am very grateful for the opportunity provided by Shenetta for the betterment of my life."