Sara Smith

Sara Smith


"I'm so glad to have Sara as my life coach. She is really helping me through some issues."



"Sara helped me a great deal with improving a troubled relationship I'm in. Using 'I understand' language to make the other person feel acknowledged was great advice. Sara asked great questions which guided me through the process. I feel like I have a great action plan to tackle this sticky situation. She was very kind and loving."



"I had a session with Sara and she was very helpful on a situation that has been troubling me. She gave me several ways to overcome this issue. Sara was very professional, but so caring and understanding. I really enjoyed our session."



"I discussed a work situation with Sara. She made sure she understood the situation before offering solutions, by asking more questions and getting more clarity on the people involved. After she felt she understood the situation she made suggestions on the best way to handle situations like this and why. We would discuss more and she would repeat the solution and why. She repeated the solution several times in similar ways but never exactly, I guess it took a lot to convince me. Turned out to be not as dramatic as all the people involved had thought! Or me! We left the conversation on a positive note."



"Sara has been very helpful in getting me to see different perspectives. I'm very fortunate to have her as a coach."



"I just completed the wheel-spoke exercise with Sara, my Life Coach.  I had no idea how revealing it would be or how honest I would be.  I am very pleased with the outcome of the exercise, even though there is considerable imbalance, and much to work on.  Sara was more professional than most therapists in that I am not typically so revealing of my True emotions.  With all eight spokes of the wheel, I prioritized a list of that which needs more balance and symmetry in my life, I mind, body, and spirit.  I filled the page with that which is taking away from life, and that which will become life giving.  She guided me with compassion, and could hear my soul speak.  I am grateful for this exercise, which will now become a daily compass, changing directions so that I become more centered."



"Sara was absolutely wonderful today and everyday!  She helped me to see things in a completely different way.  She helped me turn a negative into a positive.  She is a very caring and loving person and wants to make a difference in everyone she comes in contact with.  She has already made a difference in MY life and I am very grateful for that."



"Sara was a phenomenal resource in helping me find ways to enhance my leadership skills and confidence level. She provided several profound yet relatable points in my pursuit to a higher level both personally and professionally."



"Sara helped me tremendously with some things I have struggled with. She is such a compassionate and understanding person."



"I am happy/sad that Sara listened to me with care and compassion regarding that which I have carried, as a secret, since I was a child of ten years old.  What happened to me has affected my every day; my every moment.  I said the word 'sad' because the pain and the hurt has surfaced daily for far too many years.  It's time I peeled away the layers of pain and hurt; peeling away the layers much like the skin of an onion; until one reaches the core; the core of my being.  This Life Coach session was more than my revealing what I have silenced, being voiceless for fifty-seven years.  It was the beginning of my moving on; not able to forget, but my voice being heard. My family questions why I can't simply release it and let it go.  'What good will it do you?' they ask.  Today, my voice was heard by Sara, my Life Coach.  An acronym for LIFE, 'Life is for everyone.'  No one should be void of life, for without life, without hope that my voice is heard, is voicelessness, hopelessness, and continued silence.  I am grateful to my Life Coach, for today I had a voice.  Today, I was affirmed.  Today, I have hope for tomorrow."



"I have been going through some personal motivational challenges over the last few months. I have discussed my situation with Sara and she has since helped me put a plan into place to move forward. I have since organized a few items and have been marking them off the list as I go."



"My session with Sara and my sister was great, drawing the circle of our priorities. This exercise helped me to see what I need to work on in my life and to start putting a plan in action."



"We discussed priorities and getting our lives in balance. My choices may not be the best choices for me and I need to reevaluate my priorities to find a perfect balance. It's probably something I need to evaluate on a regular basis for improved mental health."



"I liked the 'circle of life' as I call it that she had us go through. It really made me think, what am I doing with my life when I could not fill in all 8 slots. This came at a time that I am struggling with home & family issues. Sara helped me to take a look at things to be grateful for & the positives of our daily life. We all need more of that!"