Sara Sharpe

Sara Sharpe


"Sara Sharpe is someone whose abilities as a coach come to her naturally. It is uncanny how she can focus on an area where I'm lacking and have a sense of the next right action I might take. She is my coach for life."


"Sara helped me tremendously to get unstuck with my writing and also to discover and prioritize life goals and projects and the interconnection of them. Sara is an inspirational and compassionate person and it was a pleasure to be in her company. The accountability of having small tasks during the week and reporting about them helped me realize I can actually sit in a chair and craft a poem I like. I used to use the excuse of waiting for inspiration. As a result of my work with Sara, I am now actively moving on finishing a creative project long overdue, exercising more, and focusing my energy with people and activities that support my main desires and beliefs."


"Sara has been working with my 14 year-old son. I began to see Keaton's overall filtering system take a turn toward the negative and I very much hoped Sara could steer him to a healthier perspective. Here's a story that I believe will share just how much success we have seen already.


Story: Recently, I made an out-of-state trip. Keaton stayed with his grandmother at night but they would come to our home late in the afternoon to feed and take care of our cat and to bring in the mail and any Christmas packages that had arrived. I am a huge online shopper so when I arrived home and saw my table loaded with boxes I was pleased beyond measure. Things were arriving beautifully. Then, I saw a big box standing in the corner and disappointment began bubbling up. There stood the ONE AND ONLY surprise Christmas gift for my son WITH A PICTURE OF THE CONTENTS DISPLAYED ON THE OUTSIDE OF THE BOX. I was crushed. I mean, how could a company be so thoughtless at this time of the year?! Seeing my disappointment, he said, 'No worries Mom. The way I see it, I could either be surprised on December 25th or I could be surprised today. Either way, I LOVE IT!'


As you might imagine, I could not be more pleased with Sara's work."


"Sara did a good job, made me feel very comfortable, was very professional but still friendly, and gave me good direction."

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