Sandy Griffin

Sandy Griffin

"My hour coaching session with Sandy focused on motivation (or lack thereof). Sandy helped me to get to the root of my problem and find ways to improve. Sandy was able to help me find small steps to work on that didn't seem so overwhelming and are going to be obtainable. I appreciate the skills she has given me and am exciting to put them into place!"


"My fiance and I had 2 coaching sessions with Sandy. In the first session she helped teach us about lying and how it affects our relationship in bigger ways than you realize. She helped us see how tone of voice is more important than the words we are using. Her examples were shockingly accurate to things that were affecting our relationship on a daily basis. Sandy gave us some mechanisms for recognizing our behavior in the moment and phrases to remember. After our phone call with Sandy we reviewed everything for about 10 min and have continued to use the things Sandy taught us everyday. The next time we spoke with Sandy was through FaceTime in early December. We mainly covered the topic of apologizing and letting things go and moving forward. We were presented with a 3 step technique for apologizing and ways to move on from an argument or the past. Sandy taught us about constantly looking forward and planning for the future. It is ok to acknowledge and learn from the past and our mistakes, but we were spending too much time dwelling on the past and throwing it in each others faces. Again Sandy’s examples were exactly some of the things my fiancée and I were experiencing in our day to day lives. After the Facetime session, we again discussed what we went over and my fiancée has even written the 3 step apology, and 1 of Sandy’s other phrases, on the mirror in our bedroom so we are constantly reminded of them. We have only been talking to Sandy a couple of months but we have already seen significant and positive changes in our relationship. She has helped us better realize that everyone is human and makes mistakes, but if we are honest about something, work our best to fix it, apologize and forgive one another for it - then our marriage is more likely to succeed. I look forward to continuing to meet and discuss such things with Sandy and see what great places her guidance can lead to."


"Sandy is such a wonderful life coach. She emailed me encouraging words to help motivate me through a time when I wanted to make some health changes. She was consistent in her follow-up and always had a positive message for me." 


"Sandy was very helpful in helping my daughter and I come up with some ideas on how to talk to her dad. Sandy had some good ideas on how to approach her dad, get the point across as well as setting some boundaries."


"My fiancé and I had a coaching session with Sandy. During this session, Sandy helped us learn the that in your marriage, it's important to always think of your partner and put them first. Sandy suggested we each get a journal on our wedding night and every night for the rest of our lives; to write down one thing that we appreciated about our spouse on that day. Then, when things get tough down the road that is something that we can reference to remember why we fell in love in the first place. We also briefly touched on how kids change the dynamic of a marriage but decided once we have children we will be coached more on that. I love our chats with Sandy and can't wait to have her coach us through our marriage!"