Roxana Imam

Roxana Imam


“With a recipe of deep presence, compassionate listening, and a passionate stance for one's wholeness and empowerment, I feel that Roxana Imam offers a form of coaching that results in a greater ease and alignment with one's intrinsic highest vibration.


Through compassionate listening and questions, Roxana engenders a spacious and safe environment where one can receive their deepest self and Divine connection more fully. By supporting me in the practice of actively noticing 'what is there' in my experience without judgement, and then releasing resistance that arises, energy and possibility were freed, allowing greater balance and healing. During my sessions with Roxana, I watched my self-compassion bloom, as well as my potential to heal my relationships.


Roxana embodies the fiercest acceptance of each person's unique path of any human being I have ever known. Equality, dignity, and respect for all living beings are her passion, and fuel of her deep integrity. In my coachings with Roxana, she radiated and mirrored the vast Grace that offers a wellspring of healing once allowed to flow.”





"Roxanna held a nurturing and safe space for me to express my feelings and to be seen and heard. She shared great insight and her own personal experiences that were relevant to our conversation. I walked away from our meeting feeling lighter, more aware, and inspired to continue stepping courageously into the unknown toward self growth."


"I had a coaching session with Roxana today. Her style is very gentle and calming and I really needed that today!  While it was NOT what I planned on talking about with her, I had an emotionally charged issue come up earlier in the day that I just couldn't shake.  So, I decided to 'go there' with her.  First, she let me talk about it, which helped in two ways: 1) I got the chance to vocalize what had previously been bottled up inside and 2) I felt like I was being heard. She then offered me different ways of looking at my situation and different ways of looking at mySELF that helped break the stalemate inside.  About half way through our conversation I could tell that I was already feeling better and more relaxed. In less than an hour, Roxana helped me do what I couldn't do on my own in 6+ hours! I am grateful for her guidance."


"Yesterday Roxana and I did a 'coaching practicum swap' and coached each other.  When coaching me, Roxana used several effective techniques that we learned in the training.  For example, when providing me with a helpful suggestion, she would say, 'this is just from my own experience, but I found that...' making it clear that she was not trying to diagnose or prescribe, but simply provide insight.  When asking questions, she would say things like, 'what would need to happen for...?' and 'how do you imagine that playing out...?' to get me to address issues directly through my answers to the questions.


The biggest benefit I got from my session with Roxana was that she was very relaxed and easy to have a conversation with, which in turn made me comfortable to work through things out loud that I had previously kept entirely in my head.  As a result, I made progress on figuring out the reasons behind a couple of issues I had been tackling for a while. 


I think Roxana's biggest coaching strength is that her style is very nurturing and non-judgmental.  The whole time, I felt she was there to support me and help me along in my journey with care and compassion."




"Roxana is a wise, kind, and loving person as she listens with her heart and guides gently with active listening and questioning, without a hint of judgment, where she creates trust in a safe, nurturing space. I recommend her highly without any hesitation."