Robin Legittino

Robin Legittino


"My experience with Robin was great. She was very knowledegable about nutrition and wellness. We talked at length about how to achieve my targets and what steps to take along the way. I am excited to put her advice into practice and to challenge myself."


"Robin and I currently have weekly calls for wellness coaching and it is going excellent! Robin is encouraging and knowledgeable about all things wellness and nutrition. She has helped me to set reasonable goals - two of which I have already achieved! She is nonjudgmental as we talk through challenges and stumbling blocks and is always ready with an alternative. I feel committed to my journey of a healthier me (don't forget the self love!) and am confident in Robin as my accountability partner and wellness coach. She continues to be knowledgeable and prepared for our weekly sessions and has supported me in my quest for a healthier lifestyle. I am amazed at the routines that have become habits under her guidance!"


"Robin has been a tremendous resource for our Green Hills Whole Foods Market store and has been teaching juicing and blending classes to folks participating in our Health Starts Here program. Her knowledge and passion for empowering people to follow a healthier path is incredibly inspiring to see."


"Robin Legittino has worked with me on several occasions.  In all instances she's been extremely helpful, imaginative, and kind.  I've learned a great deal from her about nutrition in addition to feeling that I've made a new and steadfast friend."


"Today I participated in a juicing presentation at Gilda's Club Nashville, led by Robin.  I just wanted to let you know what a fantastic presenter and person she is.  Robin is full energy and information on the topic of juicing, food, and healthy lifestyle in general.  She kept her audience engaged and answered all their questions with accurate and helpful information they could use immediately.  I came away from the presentation inspired to incorporate her suggestions into my own daily routine.  She is a kind, sincere, and passionate person and leader."


"Robin is very passionate when teaching others about good health. I heard nothing but positive comments from everyone that attended the presentation. Robin did a great job."