Rita Bundy

Rita Bundy



"Rita was very compassionate about my issue and provided suggestions that led to a solution. Overall, she helped me discover that somethings must be let go of in order to move forward."

"I was impressed by my first ever coaching session. Rita was inspirational, giving me a a lot to think about. I enjoyed our session." 

"Rita is a very nice lady. I've had a lot of family problems and she completely understood. Her advice was good and professional. She saw the situation for what it was and finally made me see it too. I would highly recommend her."


"My coaching session with Rita went really well. She is delightful and very easy to talk to. I don't believe it was a coincidence that we met. I will be seeing her again very soon. A lot of insight for her fee."


"I had a life coaching session with Rita. My wife actually made me do this as a couples session. I had no idea what it was life coaching was all about. To my surprise it was helpful. I can see a benefit from this. Rita was very nice and took her time with us."


"My friend and I had a coaching session together with Rita. She has a way of making you feel comfortable. She presents things from another viewpoint, and she offers good ideas. She motivated my friend to return to school, and she motivated me to explore other careers. We definitely plan to continue seeing her."

Joni & Teresa

"I just had a great session with Rita. She makes you feel very comfortable right away and she's very easy to talk to. I've been dealing with some 'should I or shouldn't I' issues with regards to a project I've wanted to do and now I know that I just need to go ahead and do it. She also made some great suggestions for another part of my life that I've kept dormant for several years. Now I just have to put some of those suggestions into action and see where life takes me."

"My session with Rita went really well. She helped me work through some of my issues and get clarity."
"Not ever having been coached before, I wasn't sure what to expect. To my surprise, Rita was very insightful and helped me to see a different angle to my situation. This was a lot cheaper then traditional therapy but I thought just as effective."

"I had an instant connection with Rita as I found her to be warm, caring and safe. For me, feeling safe with someone is one of the most important things when working with a client. Rita has a wisdom about her which blends nicely with her coaching. Her session was helpful as she gave me good guidance and which helped to point me in a direction I needed to be heading in. I would highly recommend Rita. She is a wonderful coach!"


"Rita really made me comfortable - like I was talking to someone I had known for years! She asked me certain questions that I hadn't asked myself and I was able to find a missing link that could help me continue my life confidently and successfully. I will definitely be life coached by her again."