Radiant Careers

Radiant Careers

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"Radiant Careers makes a great college graduation gift! The short chapters give critical questions and anecdotes that allow readers to reflect on their career path. Readers benefit from the work of multiple coaches who offer their own perspectives and reflections about the path to finding one's life purpose." - Leah Lomotey-Nakon

"Great insights, written from the hearts and souls of certified holistic life coaches who live by their words. Very easy to read in format and language ensuring maximum impact. Great range of advice from practical to the spiritual realms." - Jess Ferguson

"Radiant Careers was an amazing read. It was very interesting and resourceful to hear the hearts of the people who are within our community of coaches. After reading this book, I can't wait to be apart of an upcoming book!" - Wes Carr

"Radiant Careers is must read and a definite book to add to your personal collection. I truly understand that there are no substitutes for guts and gratitude. If for any reason you are not happy, re-evaluate your situation, your life and then pick up the pieces. Your happiness can only be measured by your willingness." - Demetrius Patterson


"I found this book validating of where I am in my life right now and it brought a fresh perspective on making life changes that fit my passions. To quote from the first page of the chapter Affirming Purpose, 'We each know what that purpose is for us. It penetrates our every thought, and overwhelms our daydreams.' Beautiful! I was moved by the story of the circus elephant in the chapter A Successful Career In Love Living, having a deep appreciation for elephants in the wild. Realizing how the self defeating mindset can be residue of long ago controlled confinement. For me today, I plan on implementing the suggestions in the chapter Teamwork Makes The Dream Work and spend time evaluating my life line. Great book!" - Lisa Komisar 


"A great book to gain insight for anyone looking to start a career in life coaching. The coaches who authored his book, give advice while sharing their perspective and experience with those starting out, or for those who have been coaching a while that need a way to freshen up their skills. I loved the positive words and the feeling I had while being encouraged to start my own business. Excellent read!!" - Emily Bruce