Nicole Bracey

Nicole Bracey


"I had a session with Nicole and she did a great overall a great job!"


"Nicole did a great job!  I learned something new with her questioning and I am very grateful."


"My session with Nicole was amazing. I was skeptical about it before showing up, but the questions that I asked, she had the answers and also helped me map out a set schedule to indeed put me on my path to get out my dreams."


"Nicole and I discussed weight loss and my future business plans.  During our first session we had a breathing exercise that was very calming to help set the tone.  Both coaching sessions gave me a boost of motivation to help guide me to where I would like to be.  Nicole is a great coach with a natural ability to encourage and uplift others."  


"My coaching session with Nicole went great. I have received a fresh perspective on what to do about buying a home and also direction about my dream job."


"I had a wonderful coaching session. She did a wonderful job and gave me excellent advice."


"Nicole helped me stay on topic and recapped at the end which was great."


"I had a fantastic session with Nicole. She was informative, and knowledgable and very motivational."


"Nicole was great, asked lots of questions that helped me define my goals, and helped me come up with an action plan to move toward achieving them. I felt motivated after speaking with her and felt she did a great job." 


"I was impressed by Nicole's coaching approach.  She offered out-of-the-box solutions and suggestions specific to my short-term and long-term needs.  I now have a renewed spirit and a better plan for my family."


"I am a new stay-at-home mom. Nicole helped me develop a plan to organize my day with my baby and older kids. This was great because I was feeling very overwhelmed and unproductive. Nicole helped me realize if I simply made a check list for my day I could have a visual therefore organize my day and feel accomplished. I also expressed a desire to go back to school and obtain my masters in actuary science. A masters really isn't necessary and school isn't an option with kids etc, Nicole informed me that there are free classes I can take to help me pass my state exams for actuary science. This was very informative and took a lot of stress, time and money off mind. She also emailed me a summary of our session, information, and links we discussed. I was very satisfied with my session. Nicole was very informative, patient and compassionate. I could tell she had a desire to help overcome my issues successful. I now have a road map to obtain my goals I would not otherwise have."


"I just had a coaching session with Nicole and she did a wonderful job helping me explore my options for a career."


"Nicole was a great listener and offered wonderful suggestions that I have already employed with success. She made me think about things from a different perspective and I felt like she was truly seeking understanding to help me help myself. I hope to continue the sessions to work on various aspects of my life."

"Nicole and I discussed my career goals including what steps that I will to take to achieve my goals. We discussed an action plan that would help me with financial support and also ways to gain experience and creating a realistic action plan that would motivate myself towards achieving my goals. Nicole was able to provide me additional resources via internet and also mention some books that would benefit myself on achieving success in my career path. She was very formative and professional."

"I had an amazing session with Nicole. We came up with an action plan, goals and a solution. I especially enjoyed talking to her about me getting a new kidney. I was diagnosed with kidney failure three years ago and I'm currently trying to get on the kidney transplant list. We formed an amazing plan for me get the ball rolling for this mission."


"Not only was my coaching session with Nicole insightful and a pleasure to take part in, but very well prepared as well. She didn't beat around the bush but still spoke compassionately like she wanted my life to change for the better as much as I do."


"I had a coaching session with Nicole and it was absolutely amazing. She gave me great ideas on how to raise money for my non-profit organization and also an action plan on how to meet some short-term goals. She did an awesome job and I can't wait to put my new plan into action."


"I had the opportunity and pleasure of being coached by Nicole. It was the most productive hour of my day! After speaking with her, I had something that I'd lost several months ago. Hope and clarity. She helped me to realize that, should I decide to stretch myself and seek other career opportunities, I could be more than successful in achieving the highest of my goals. Prior to speaking with her, I had nothing more than dreams without plans."