Nichole Terry

Nichole Terry


"My coaching session with Nichole was great. She really inspired me with my situation with my partner. She opened my eyes to some things and I really appreciate it. Nichole has a gift and I know she will be a help to others as well."




"I had a coaching session with Nichole. During the session, she brought up several points and strategies I either had not previously considered or was trying to put off. I discovered not only that this procrastination was a major problem but that it was causing me to put my future all one one event. The session forced me to consider what would happen if I did not get that job and look into other jobs of a similar nature as weill as look long-term into future goals. For me, this type of thinking is a bit stressful and because of this, I doubt I would have sat myself down and committed the time and energy to do it. I imagine that is why this type of service is helpful. Nichole maintained a professional attitude even when I started stumbling through my thoughts and dealt with my stubbornness with a smile. I wish I had her patience."




"Nichole is a phenomenal listener which is important to me as a business owner. She heard what I said as well as what I didn't say. She was never judgemental and was very careful not to offer her personal advice or opinions. I sought the help of Nichole because I desired to have an online radio show. Since our session, I have completed over a week of recording daily, live shows. It has been a tremendous success! Nichole was easy to talk to and offered practical tips to accomplishing my goals."