Nancy Moran

Nancy Moran


"Nancy's kind and non-judgmental style allowed me the space to explore what the root of my issues were.  Before meeting with her, I knew what and how to accomplish what I wanted in my head, but it wasn't translating to the heart.  Her patience and questions showed me WHY I hadn't been moving forward.  Identifying the WHY it what is going to make all the difference for my future progress.  It's EASY to spend time with her and her happiness and sense of humor set a great tone to the session.  I'm thrilled and grateful to have spend time with her and I'd highly recommend her to anyone."




"I met with Nancy and Fett for two Life Coaching sessions. They were fantastic and very inspirational."


"I didn't know what I wanted to talk about when I met with Nancy, but her relaxed presence allowed my concerns to surface easily. I realized that I was feeling overwhelmed with several projects I had been working on and Nancy helped alleviate that feeling by asking questions that guided me toward a solution. She had pen and paper handy and invited me to start making a "to do" list on the spot. Taking action in this way allowed me to have a concrete vision of what I needed to accomplish and how I could break it down into manageable steps. Basically, Nancy's natural inquisitiveness led me to being my own project manager. It seemed simple enough, but I don't think I would've accomplished my tasks as efficiently that day without Nancy's help."


"I met with Fett and Nancy Moran and we had a great coaching session. They were very thorough in their questions and answers for that matter. We mostly discussed career goals and how to achieve those goals. With the years of experience that both Nancy and Fett have, they were able to give me some wonderful insight on where my career could go as an artist and writer and gave me some realistic short-term goals that will hopefully lead to larger long-term goals. They encouraged me to ask questions of them which i did and they both had questions for me that opened my eyes to some new ways to further my career. Overall, my experience was extremely positive with both Fett and Nancy and would encourage others in this business to seek their advice and coaching."


"I was having a very exhaustive day and was having one of those days where I felt the weight of the entire world on my shoulders. I wasn’t sure how to bring up what I originally wanted to discuss because it felt so vulnerable… I am historically a very private person so can be doubly hard for me to open up.  Nancy was so honoring, calming, present and sincere, and as a result I really felt safe to unload the things that were bothering me which were many. She helped me realize how much placing my music on a shelf due to a few awful experiences in the music industry hurt the very core of my being, and that my music needed the light of day for my own happiness. I know I need that oxygen of gigging regularly in order for me to fully thrive and to be happy and contented in life. She then laser-beam focused on how to help me create a game plan to move forward. She also pointed out how my whole countenance changed when I talked about what I love to do, when I recounted touring with my old bands and ensembles. I recalled some beautiful memories of being on tour, some of the happiest moments of my life, and it brought me to tears! She gave me a great exercise to work on as homework to help me stay in the flow of gratitude and to visualize success. I left feeling so much lighter, renewed and empowered. She has been one of the first people I met here in Nashville who really understands the industry, and is full of sincerity and heart, restoring my faith in myself and my gifts. Nancy is a jewel of a human being and an incredible coach!!! I recommend her HIGHLY!! I feel so empowered to not give up on my dreams and to push on to continue to follow my joy and live my gifts. To say Nancy is inspiring is an understatement! I am deeply grateful for her help."