Michelle Jones

Michelle Jones



"I was having some trouble at work and I talked to Michelle about it. She surprised me with the questions she asked. They were all just the right questions at the right time to get me through my situation. I felt lighter and less stressed about things after talking with her. She had a very gentle way of doing it and I didn't feel pressured or stressed by her questions, which was really nice and it made me feel comfortable. She got me thinking about some things in a way that will probably continue to help me in the long-term. I think she did a great job and I will be talking to her more in the future when I need help dealing with things and making decisions."


"Michelle is very professional and surprised me on the things she had to say about me. She helped me understand a pattern that I keep having and asked me questions to where I figure out why I choose the decisions that I do in my life. Allowing her to help me better understand myself and the people I surround myself with has made me aware of some changes that I have to do starting with me. I plan on contacting her again to let her know of the progress that I am having or when I need her help understanding something. She has a talented gift that she is blessed with in order to help people in this world."


"I shared a Life Coach session with Michelle. She was very flexible and willing to work with me in scheduling my session around my busy home and work hours. During our session, she provided an easy forum by which to communicate my current struggles and anxiety by intently listening to me, asking those 'let's dig deeper questions' and validating my situation and my feelings surrounding them. She was very encouraging and gave me a few challenges to meet in the upcoming week. I appreciated the experience Michelle provided!"


"I was very contemplative between what I wanted to do next in my life and what I felt I needed to do. Michelle's overall demeanor was of a calm and collective energy which allowed me the freedom to put my desires out there, and it gave me courage and assurance that I am making the right moves for the best. I'm not lost or wondering in my head anymore!"


"I was excited to meet with Michelle for our holistic life coaching session. It was partly in knowing she is a nurse and an intuitive coach, but also that we connected energetically when we met prior. I wanted to know about my greatest spiritual potential, then to recognize what it is that I am to learn next. What we discussed was about being patient and being aware of divine timing. My answer was about finding peace, slowing down, relaxing, meditating, and taking a break from the transitions. During our session I was given the affirmation and support to process what was happening during many transitions in my life. It was amazing how easy it was to feel and to express what I was feeling along with my concerns as we explored this through her coaching and intuitive abilities. Michelle's approach was honest and nurturing. She confirmed and acknowledged that I was on the right path, but also how to ask for help; by aligning with my own spiritual guides. My affirmation is 'I am getting things done without having to do anything.' My homework is to have something fun and creative to do everyday to embrace my inner child."


"Michelle was very in tune during our Intuitive Coaching Session. She gave me a detailed reading about my ancestors. This sparked a flame in me to want to find out more information. She also provided suggestions that made me look 'outside the box' on how I would normally handle a situation. Then I had another coaching session with Michelle. She provided an outlet for me to express some negative energy that I was having about people who don't completely support me. She guided me in the direction to refocus on ME and my success."


"Michelle made me feel at ease and explained how she likes to start a session. She explained her particular talents and what her limitations would be. I was surprised at how quickly the time past. Before I knew it, it was an hour later. Michelle made several suggestions to help me regarding career aspirations I am working toward."


"The fantastic thing about my session with Michelle is that she was totally connected to my emotions without me saying a word. She was able to provide me with a calming comfort so I could relieve myself of some of the stress I was enduring. She also enlightened me as to why I was unsure of my own wisdom and how I should seek to find answers. Her listening ears and soothing mannerism helped me focus and it was a true pleasure. I will be reaching out again." 


"I had my first-ever life coaching session with Michelle Jones. Being honest...at first I was apprehensive about it after she explained to me what coaching was about. This was due to me not wanting someone else tell me things that I already knew about myself or how to fix them. But after it was all said and done, she made me see that some of the things that I myself thought were hindering me was actually just another excuse or cover up for something deeper. She was very patient and though we got some things figured out in the amount of time that was presented, I do feel there's more sessions needed to fully grasp what it is that I need to do differently. The thought I had after leaving this first session is 'If I TRULY had it all figured out, then it would be already fixed by now but it's not.' So with her help I've discovered that sometimes it's ok to get it from another angle. They might see something that I'm blinded by. Michelle has that 'I care' gift that's going to take her far in life coaching as well as nursing. Looking forward to more and you keep as the good work as her infrastructure it shows through her."


"I had a session with Michelle and the experience was extraordinary and electrifying. She is a wonderful person that truly knows how to spiritually connect with someone's emotions without them saying anything. At the beginning of the session, the energy was drained from my end. I had many personal concerns on mind, but after the session I felt so refreshed and clean. Michelle is truly gifted at what she does. Many people don't have a clue and want open their minds in experiencing something new that could benefit them mentally, spiritually and emotionally. I look forward to more sessions with Michelle. I truly support the cause of freeing you from yourself. Then I had my third and most fulfilling session which was an internal cleanse for me. This session I felt like a whole new person. My energy was so high and positive and a lot of it had to do with me self-discovering myself, self-analyzing myself, and researching my patterns that tend to put me in various situations which drain or detour my energy in a positive way. My goal now since my researching and thanking Michelle for this is to demand and sustain my confidence at maintaining a peaceful but yet free life. It's a step-by-step process, but using the advice and tools that I am researching along with continuing my sessions with Mrs. Jones I suspect that life will be more easier to tackle. I feel free, confident, secure, compassionate, determined, and motivated."


"I had my second session with Michelle and it was amazing. It's funny that life can come at you from all angles and then you meet someone that has a broader perspective about it. The difference is their no-biased approach and non-judgmental reactions. Michelle helped me to look at things differently and I am eager to see the results. The session was a form of relief for me and I really appreciate her. She is truly amazing at what she does."


"I had a life coaching session with Michelle and it went very well. She was helpful in bringing out my issue with me moving and was able to come up with a very good plan on how to address this issue. She has followed up with me. She is very kind and a great listener."


"I just had a positive, emotional and powerful session with Michelle. I feel so comfortable talking with her. She helps me figure things out and clarify things for me to understand certain things going on in my life. I intend on doing more sessions with her."


"I am a light worker and am coming into the understanding of my gifts. I spoke with Michelle to gain clarity on things I was feeling. I recall as a child having evidence of these gifts which have gravitated to the forefront. She helped me immensely with some feelings I was struggling with as well as gave me direction for moving forward. She has truly been a light on my path."