Michele Stans

Michele Stans

"My session with Michele was a very productive one. This does not surprise me because Michele is very intelligent as well as resourceful.  Michele helped me navigate through two different issues that I was struggling with.  In brainstorming with me, she was able to bring a different perspective that I had not considered before, which was unbelievably helpful! As a result, I was able to make a plan of action.  The practical assistance that I received from Michele was marvelous but what I really enjoyed about my time with Michele was the that she was so loving and accepting in her approach.  A stellar life coach, indeed!"

"My challenge since moving has been to carve out time for myself amidst several family commitments. Michele, by asking questions, helped me draw my own conclusions and make my own plan. At first, some of her questions didn't make sense to me in the context of our discussion, but as I answered, I realized she was leading me to my own answers, not to provide them for me. By asking the right questions, she drew from me what I wanted and what would make me happy. I realized that I was putting myself last and then resenting the people I love --- for decisions I made and actions I took. Totally illogical! Michele helped me put my feelings into goals, gave me tips to implement my plan, and shared words of wisdom to sustain me. We agreed that continued support would keep me working my plan and prevent me from backsliding, so we made arrangements to stay in touch. After my talk with Michele, I felt much better knowing I had made a plan and taken some first steps toward a happier future. I know I will face many challenges with my parents and with myself, and I need a compass to keep me moving in the right direction to handle the challenges.  Michele's coaching led me to practical solutions and renewed a positive mindset in me. Since our conversation I've tried to keep uplifting thoughts and ideas close to my heart.  'Happiness' is a simple word, so overused in our world that we forget what it means, but it's what we all want and need for ourselves --- which gives us the ability to share it with others."

"This was my first experience with any kind of coaching, so I really didn't know what to expect going in. I was pleasantly surprised by how naturally flowing our session became. I'm an introvert, so I spend most of my time living 'inside my head.' I discovered that as much as I think I know about myself, there is so much more within me than I could have ever imagined. Michele suggested some exercises that I could try to help me retrieve some of my creative energy and to help me begin to focus on myself/my energy in a healthy way."

"Michele is a gem! I've been in therapy off and on for years and I've worked with my share of life and business coaches. As a result, I've learned it's a waste of time to work with someone that doesn't 'get' me. Michele and I have much in common; not so much that it was like talking to my best friend, but enough that I didn't need to keep explaining myself. She was guided to give me direction that made sense and offered to be my accountability partner. To borrow from Star Wars, Spirit is strong in this one."

"I had the most enjoyable experience of receiving a coaching session from Michele. She was warm, open-hearted, and offered some wonderful suggestions for the issues we discussed. She used her intuition to guide me toward ways to set goals for myself and also helped me uncover some past hurts that are holding me back. She also had suggestions for practices to assist me in moving forward toward what I would like to create in my life. The session was wonderful, I enjoyed her humor and down to earth manner in coaching me. She really did help open my eyes to some things, and I am looking forward to implementing the practices and ideas we discussed!"

"Michele guided me effortlessly through the process of visualizing my desired outcomes, feeling and stating emotions that support my forward movement, and verbalizing immediate steps I can take in the direction of my desired outcomes.   I finished the session feeling refreshed, inspired and directed."

"Michele helped me think through my concerns.  She didn't put a value judgment on my concerns, which I appreciated.  One thing that I found very helpful was how she recommended that I visualize my concern (we used a snow globe) and put it on the shelf.  If I wasn't ready to get rid of the issue, I could always go back to the snow globe on the shelf, but I didn't need to carry it with me.  That concept was very helpful to me.  We also spoke about creating the right mindset.  I have never worked with a life coach before, and didn't know what to expect. The session was positive and Michele made me feel comfortable in this new territory."

"Michele was professional, direct, caring, mindful, funny and grooved with a determination to assist  me with the issue I was confronting.  She honed in with specific questions that triggered me to go deep within and come up with life changing solutions.  Her technique she was utilizing was so perfect that as soon as the session was completed, we created the documents to be used at Brooklyn Heights Community Garden. This was one area of stressful concern for me.  I kept crying, sobbing, releasing stress through the whole session. She would give me time to process my breakthrough then follow up with more much needed questions."

"My Soul Coaching session with Michele involved clarity, epiphanies, and inspiration. She asked the right questions which led me to my own self realization. She also suggested spiritual tools in order for me to become focused and grounded. The session ended with a guided meditation which allowed me to release past thoughts and blockages."

"I had a session with Michele and I was very impressed. She helped me with issues I am having with procrastinating. She offered some really good ideas on how to make changes in a positive way. We did a helpful exercise and she sent me affirmations and ideas to continue my progress on what we discussed. She was very professional, friendly, and courteous. This was my first life coaching session, and I enjoyed it immensely."

"Michele was fantastic! So supportive, kind, knowledgeable and encouraging. I now have a morning ritual that's helping me to gain a little more control over my life."

"I enjoyed my coaching session with Michele very much. From neither of us knowing what or where the session would be about or where it would go, I thought it went well. We talked about several issues I have. How I could do or say things different and how that would feel. We decided on affirmations I could use and I immediately wrote them on post-it notes and posted them where I could see them everyday. She suggested a book for me that I ordered. She gave me some homework which I am doing. I personally feel much better. Michele stayed on topic and gently nudged me ahead. She is a very personable women and coach. As a coach myself I thought she did very well in our session. I felt honored to be of assistance."

"My session with Michele was helpful and insightful. I think that she is doing a great job in all aspects of her coaching."

"Michele had an open and friendly greeting. She stated coaching parameters and boundaries. She appropriately narrowed down a number of potential categories to one/two that could be viewed as 'most pressing' at this point in time. Michele rephrased and/or reframed comments I had made which brought about greater clarity for myself. We laughed! She consciously was aware of time ~ yet in a manner that resulted 'getting back on track' vs feeling/sounding 'limiting.' She encouraged re-contact for additional coaching as needed. She left the impression that there is a positive support system available."
Lin (Mssw)

"My session with Michele was wonderful.  She really gave me some great tools to work with and I am so thankful for the time I spent with her."

"I had the most amazing coaching session with Michele. I was really enjoying our conversations and all the wonderful input she was adding as we talked. She was so enthusiastic, genuine, and I had her full attention the entire time...and then some! In a nutshell, it all made me feel so spoiled to have that kind of attention and love as we picked around in my mind/heart. Her advice was always some kind of tangible solution that felt custom-tailored to myself as she observed me. I can easily highly recommend this individual to anyone in search of some answers or direction in life."

"It was a pleasant coaching hour of encouragement, positive thoughts and suggestions for how to go about reaching a particular goal I have. Michele offered some suggestions and methods I hadn't yet considered. I particularly appreciate her interest in how I plan to reach my goal because having a plan is crucial to achievement."

"I had the privilege of being coached by Michele. I was apprehensive about trusting my intuitive gifts and therefore had not taken any steps to develop them. In a sense, I almost ignored them. I just let them be. If I dreamed, I dreamed. If I knew something, I just knew. I kept it to myself. Michele helped me embrace my intuitive gifts. She encouraged me to use and trust my gifts. In addition, she assisted me in discovering which 'clair' was most dominant for me. This was an eye-opener for me. Lastly, Michele informed me of how to clear and shield myself as a part of self-care. Michele is a talented coach with a great gift. She is a gentle soul with a calling to support the souls of others."