Matilde Torres

Matilde Torres

"I am writing to tell you about the pep talk he gave us Matilde, I enrolled in vital voices to organize myself in my business and be a successful entrepreneur but the pep talk I received by Matilde was the final push I needed to make decisions that scared me in my business, I think the spirit of perseverance that has Matilde towards life made me realize that if we can achieve our goals is just organization and have the courage to realize them. Through the testimony of Matilde I realized that there are obstacles but can be overcome if we leave aside fears to emerge victorious. His talk was very valuable to me because today I have a work plan and decided which will meet within two weeks from this day."

"Her event was a success, the testimony of Matilde is awesome. I really feel very motivated by the example of her life. She shared with us a talk that inspires us to improve ourselves and give it our best and focus that we are important, what changes in our lives and we can achieve big dreams. Matilde shared a very practical test that will help me to make goals achievable short, medium and long term. It was a very successful meeting. I'm happy to have attended it."

"Beautiful and very motivating talk and life experience. Let us encouraged to face life and emerge triumphant. I am more grateful for the opportunity to have met Matilde and know she is a warrior."

"My experience with Matilde was exceptional. It was an honor to share this productive time with her."

"Matilde was very to me. She really changed my mind to the daily problems of life."

"I had a terrific experience with Matilde. She and her husband shared with us about their own circumstances in a way that make me feel so inspired to do a better person of myself. She inspired me to take faithful steps because life isn´t for sure. I will begin this period as an entrepreneur with less fears because of her."