Mai White

Mai White

"Mai started our first session explaining to me what a life coach is and the difference between life coaching and counseling.  I so appreciated this because I have heard the term “life coach” but did not know what it meant exactly.  To me Mai is a safe person whom I feel very comfortable with.  There are definitely areas in my life that I feel stuck in and need help and direction in and I believe Mai can really help me look into these places.  We explored some of those areas and thought processes that I am dealing with.  Mai is such a great listener.  In our next session Mai challenged me on a couple of things and I was thankful for someone to be there to challenge me!  Mai and I had talked about setting short term, obtainable goals that I felt good about trying to work towards meeting.  Although there was struggle in the process I was able to meet one of my goals which has felt really good for me!  I love the idea of having Mai walk with me, helping me set short term goals and holding me accountable in an accepting way, not condemning if I struggle to meet the goal.  I am so thankful for Mai and both sessions and just the opportunity to work with her!  I feel good about taking care of myself by sharing struggles and having Mai’s input on how I can overcome them or at least put them into a more correct and real perspective in order to move forward with more freedom!"

"I met with Mai White for eight sessions.  Some of the adjectives that come to my mind when I think of Mai is that she is professional, compassionate, straight-forward, easy to connect with and compassionate.  Mai was careful to celebrate every step forward I took and she really validated my feelings.  She was the bridge that brought my daughter and I back together again.  She helped us cross over to another place by guiding us. Also, I have a lot of trauma that I wanted to move forward from. Mai helped me with certain areas but she also referred me to someone to get treated with  EMDR for some other areas.  This turned out to be life changing for me and was a brilliant plan for me.  I think it was highly ethical of Mai to refer me, which ultimately is what I really needed.  I would highly recommend Mai as a life coach!"

"When I first sat down with Mai, I immediately felt comfortable/safe and I had no problem opening up and talking to her. Mai helped me get clear on what was bothering me in my relationship with my parents and she helped me make a plan on how to approach my parents In a different way, that really worked! She helped me figure out a way to relate to my sister differently than I had in the past by helping me come up with the idea of inviting my sister to do a Bible study together. This was very successful! Mai has an exceptional ability to listen intently, and then give amazing advice and talk through what is going on in a professional and non-threatening way. I was privileged to sit with Mai for seven sessions. I would recommend her to anyone I know as a life coach!"

"My coaching with Mai was great because she helped reel me in where I was looking and feeling scattered. She helped me process and target my goal. I felt focused in the present with Mai even though I tend to talk too much. I am really looking forward to our next meeting and I think Mai will impact many lives as a life coach!"

"I had a session with Mai and she so helped me get some clarity around simplifying my tasks to achieve my goals.  I have a super busy life; demanding 40 hour a week day job, manage one solopreneur business while trying to start another.  I have a family I love to spend time with and I need 'me' time.  I was feeling quite overwhelmed.  Mai helped me break down my day and do some reorganization to where I could get stuff done to build my solopreneur businesses, while keeping my day job for now.  Her guidance led me to where I realized I had an abundance of time for family and me too.  By the time we were done with my coaching session I had a plan, a positive outlook and I was not overwhelmed anymore.  I can’t thank her enough!"

"Mai was warm and inviting. I was nervous. She started off with acknowledging that and normalizing it. My anxiety was related to an upcoming trip with my husband for our anniversary. I was anxious about all I felt I needed to do to make it happen. And also the trip in general. My family is very busy and needy so that the last time away with my husband was 15 years ago. My anxiety was so high I couldn't think straight, complete tasks or figure out what I needed to do next. Mai helped me decide that the best issue to talk about I our appt was my time with my husband. By her questions I verbalized some real fears related to past hard events. She acknowledged my fear and at the same time directed me to what I could do about things in the present. She helped me identify what I needed from the trip. And that I could need some things. I'm so used to taking care of myself last. Thru role play she helped me come up with how to ask for what I needed from my husband and also ask him the same. Practicing took a lot of fear out of it for me, because she helped me prepare for different responses from my husband. At the end of our time I felt a lot of relief. Yesterday was the pre-part of our trip which included a 5-hour car riders take my daughter to my brothers. During that trip I was able to do and voice all that Mai and I had practiced. I expressed my needs for rest and personal alone/quiet time as well as fun and laughter and togetherness with him, but that I didn't want every moment scheduled. I asked him what his needs were. We talked about what that would look like and how we would handle times we wanted to do different things. Sometimes we would do what the other wanted, or we could compromise and meet in the middle or do things separately and meet up afterwards. And it went all well. So once again more relief. I'm grateful for Mai."