L'Vereese Britton

L'Vereese Britton

"L provides a sacred and safe place where I feel comfortable to express myself fully. I know I can be seen and heard with L because she remains present and is nonjudgmental. The other thing I love about L is her incredible intuitive abilities. She is capable of beaming into my world with accuracy and gives me a different perspective from which to see. L is full of helpful suggestions that I consistently use to help me move forward in my life."



"I had a life coaching session with L'Vereese and I LOVED it. She has really found a way to use her gift to guide others. As someone in touch with the nature of my Spirit, she really helped me to see myself in another light. L helped me to see that some things I felt were just 'character traits' are really gifts that the world can use. My session felt right for me as I was able to see how my Spirit will pour over into my own business and sustain me. L'Vereese was a perfect mirror in this session. She listened with her mind, body and Spirit and helped me to gain tremendous confidence in myself, my business and my relationship with my husband. Although we talked about many different things, they all fed into the same thing: L helped me take another step toward my own divine authenticity. I am grateful. I had a second session with L’Vereese and it was just as wonderful as the first. It was really good to connect with someone who has a firm understanding of the subtle energies that affect the body and ultimately our lives. I have been working on shedding old mindsets and my time with L helped me to see those mindsets from a more holistic perspective and deal with them more objectively. She is really good at mirroring my energy during sessions which is one of the things I found most valuable. She really has created a wonderful balance between her training as a holistic life coach and her spirit as an intuitive."



"LVereese is a beautiful light and spirit. She was open to working with and discussing anything that was on my mind. She listened openly without judgement, which allowed me to feel open and comfortable to work through some deep seated challenges. L has many gifts and was willing to share them with me to help me through the process. She allowed me to set the pace and asked the was kind in asking the tough questions, the ones that opened me up to really evaluate my current situation and what changes I needed to make to improve my situation. Through her assistance, I'm learning to trust my own instincts and open myself to more opportunities and to step out of my comfort zone. I would highly recommend L to anyone ready to face themselves."