Lucy Randles

Lucy Randles

"My Life Coaching session with Lucy was indeed a real eye opener for me. She made me see what I really want in my next job; by not comparing today with the past. She showed me that I can and want to step out of my comfort zone. She also encouraged me to just start a new endeavor by using my previous skills, but in an updated view for the world to see."



"I had a phone life coaching session with Lucy. The session gave me an insight on what direction I may want to take as far as job/career is concerned. Since the session, I have started working at a spa and will be starting a second job working in a natural food store. I'm now on the path I need to be on to get to where I need to be career wise."



"I was thoroughly impressed with Lucy's questioning skills. As a coach myself I was thinking it would be more give-and-take, but it was so much more than that. Lucy asked the questions that made me see areas that I can move ahead in my own life. When I need coaching, I will definitely use or refer people to Lucy Randles."



"She was fantastic.  She opened the session asking what was on my mind and quite frankly I had been wondering what we would speak about since making the appointment.  All of a sudden we were chatting about something I really really needed to work through.  Her questions and suggestions truly resonated with me and helped me move through some blockages and have some ideas of what to do to move forward in my path.  I found the session with her to be truly helpful and she was really great not to tell me what to do but to hash things so I could figure them out by myself."



"After the session, I must say that I feel a lot of the baggage I was carrying is so much lighter now and a lot of negativity has been lifted from me. It was very therapeutic to talk with her. I feel that she really listened to what I had to say and was very respectful and patient throughout the whole experience. At times it was very emotional as I feel she honed in on so many points that connected with me on a very personal level. In speaking with her I realized things about myself that I have been overlooking in the past. Patterns that I have repeated and ways to make better decisions. She was able to offer suggestions and action plans very specific to my struggles that I'm sure will benefit me in a positive way. After speaking with her I would recommend  experiences such as this to anyone who feels the need for guidance or individuals that feel stuck or stagnant in their daily lives. It was extremely positive and rewarding."



"Lucy was really able to help me look at what I've got going on in my life right now and some issues I've been having with my studies and some daily habits that I would like to incorporate."



"Lucy was thorough in her questions and would be a great resource for someone just starting to consider life changes."



"Speaking with Lucy was very helpful. She allowed me to remember that I have tools in my life to use that will help with my current situations. She also gave me ideas about vision boards which I am going to create. It was a pleasure talking to her."



"I enjoyed my session with Lucy. She had great suggestions and techniques to assist me with the issues we discussed."



"Lucy is kind, gentle, intuitive, and an excellent listener. Her advice is thoughtful and spiritually crafted. She helped me come up with some game plans for keeping motivated on creative projects but also allowed me to feel confident in the visions and plans I have already made. She also gifted me a new mantra that is excellent to contemplate daily: 'I will move through today with purpose.'"



"My session with Lucy was an absolute blessing.  She was able to listen to my rather disjointed thoughts and feelings and was really able to pinpoint the underlying issues, patterns and conditioning.  She also provided me with several tools to address these issues and to help me move beyond my self-imposed limitations.  I highly recommend a session with Lucy."