Lisa Komisar

Lisa Komisar

"I had a life coach session with Lisa and I was impressed with how good I felt and how motivated I was after the session was done. We did some breathing exercises and a few stretches. Overall I enjoyed it."



"The session helped me set a goal and how to achieve it. I felt very calm and relaxed during this two-hour session and I got a lot out of it."



"I got a lot out of my teen life coaching session. Lisa gave me peace of mind and made it a very calming and peaceful experience."



"It is amazing how much of a difference a little support and guidance from someone on the outside of my daily life can make. Lisa is so kind and understanding and her method of listening, figuring out, and guiding me through situations in my life with such a positive perspective has been exactly what I have needed. It's funny how someone else can change an entire perspective on something."



"I had a life coaching session with Lisa and it was great. I learned about setting goals and intentions."



"We began the session by doing a few simple stretches and she discussed the importance of engaging and caring for our bodies. She then talked about the different energies that affect us and how to protect our own energies. After this, she guided us in a life boat themed meditation exercise, and helped us connect our meditations to concerns we had about our lives. We each got the chance to discuss our meditations and connect them to different situations in our lives. She then had us all write a personal goal, and helped each of us to create a plan to achieve our goals and a mantra to remind us of our plans. I still have my mantra near my bed and I am inspired by it each morning! She finished our session by referring back to caring for the body and energy, and giving us a lovely checklist to remind us of the topics we discussed and some ways to raise our energies. I'm so glad that I attended Ms. Komisar's session. I have used many of the principles she taught since the session, and I hope I can attend another session with her very soon!"



"I thoroughly enjoyed my life coaching session with Lisa. I didn’t know what to think going into it which I believe increased the excitement and joy. Its hard to explain I left the session smiling and honestly feeling upbeat."



"I did a session with Lisa. One word. AMAZING! she took the time out to understand me as an individual, and understand what area I was stuck in. Lisa actually made me realize a trait about myself that I wasn't quite ready to accept but she had a meek way of showing comfort to me. It feels great to have someone challenge you to do better when you are ready to throw in the towel!  She is very much that light you see in the tunnel!"



"My session with Lisa was absolutely eye-opening. She listened very attentively and allow me to express my thoughts. When I began to ramble on, she politely kept me focused and on track which ironically was one of my main struggles. Her approach to guide me in the right direction was very precise relatable and applicable to my everyday life. Her out of the box thinking has really helped me prioritizing to have more personal time."



"It was truly a great experience. We went over different parts of my life and I am doing better in all of those parts today."