Kimberly Armstrong

Kimberly Armstrong


"Kimberly has made a big difference in my life. Her spiritual guidance and intuitive abilities blended with a kind giving heart have helped me to see fresh perspectives on the most important matters in my life. She helped me to open my eyes and see things much better. I know how to deal with situations that bothered me with much ease now than ever before."


"It was very helpful to have another perspective to our family issue."


"I have had about six sessions with Kim regarding health and career path issues. She is one of the best people I have ever talked to about issues that I have."


"Kimberly has been coaching me for at least eight sessions now over the last couple weeks.  I am new to life coaching but will continue seeking her further for future sessions. Kimberly has helped me grow in areas of my life that I have been struggling with. She has a way of knowing things without me telling her. It's like she can read my mind. I will be recommending her to everyone I know."


"I had a two-hour session with Kim to work on focus and direction. She additionally smudged my office to help purge and cleanse some past toxicity with the previous owner and employees. My time with Kim was enlightening and brought some things to the forefront of my mind that I know I need to address and continue to work on for better emotional and spiritual healing. Kim is a breath of fresh air and has a real intuition that runs deep within her. Love her soul! I would happily recommend her to friends and family for the same."


"Kim was very open to work with and I must say by the end of our talk, I felt more empowered to handle some life and health situations that have been hindering me. Working with Kim was very inspiring and made me realize the changes I need to make."


"I recently had a session with Kim. She is simply wonderful - insightful, kind, great energy and genuine caring! I would definitely recommend her to anyone and everyone."