Kiki Dombrowski

Kiki Dombrowski


"I engaged in a dialogue with Kiki Dombrowski and she was sensitive, sympathetic and helpful. Her suggestion to work through a visualization exercise provided me with the opportunity to reflect. I am thankful to have had the opportunity to spend time talking with her about bigger picture ideas."



"Kiki met with me for an hour on Facebook messenger and was helpful. She asked questions to keep the conversation on focus and offered helpful suggestions and resources for me to use to build my plan of action. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for guidance."


"Kiki and I had a coaching session and it was helpful. She pointed out holes in my process and suggested some additional steps I can take to achieve my goals."


"I cannot express how great Kiki is. Her skills are impeccable. I feel so free, empowered and encouraged every time we meet."


"I had a life coach session with Kiki and it was a very positive hour for me. It did give me clarification on many things and helped me to recognize some of my patterns."


"What a natural and talented coach Kiki is! The entire session flowed beautifully and she made me feel listened to and heard. We discussed some issues I have going on with setting aside time for my writing practice. She offered me some really great suggestions that I am definitely going to be implementing. We also discussed my desire to travel to Ireland this year and she gave me some incredible ideas to help manifest that into reality. She really was able to get down to the heart of the matter in both issues we discussed and I felt very comfortable and at ease talking to her. I feel blessed to have been able to be coached by her!"


"Kiki is a wonderful coach!  She let me talk through all of the junk that has been clanging around in my mind and helped me remember to cut myself a little slack. Through her questions and guidance, she helped shed some light on how hard I have been on myself and came up with some great ideas for how I can keep myself moving forward toward my dreams. She has a very calming presence."


"I just completed a Facebook life coaching session with Kiki. She helped me establish a sort of plan of attack to improve my career and find a way to eventually move to be with the man I love. She was extremely helpful and gave me excellent advice."


"Kiki was very helpful and easy to talk to. She gave me some tips on getting my writings and poetry organized so I could get my books in order and ready to be published. I'm now on the right track!"


"Kiki remained very positive in her feedback and worked on finding solutions. She is encouraging and friendly. An hour is not a lot of time, but she stayed focused and worked to use the time to ask questions to help me find the answers."


"I had a life coaching session with Kiki. I wanted to be coached around a specific goal I have had for many years. In this one session, I'm finally on my way to making this dream a reality. Kiki was full of incredibly good advice and resources to help me move forward. She listened carefully - I felt like she really helped me understand what was holding me back all this time. Her questions were perfectly timed, and just when I thought I'd gotten so far off track and was thinking I didn't know how to get back, she intuitively knew how to bring me back into focus. I was very impressed! I feel like this long-held dream is going to actually happen now and have clear cut steps to bring it closer to reality. Great session!"


"I met with Kiki and was very happy with my session. We strategized about my diet and the changes it needs. She asks very good questions which are very helpful and create motivation."


"I can with authority that this was the most productive hour I have ever spent in my life. Kiki had invaluable insight into me and my issues. Considering my entire life is on different cycles than most, she was still able to give me perfect advice to make small changes that will result in major changes for the better in my life. Allowing me to be more productive, which I have not been for too long. Kiki didn't tell me what to do. She discussed possibilities with me and between the two of us, we came up with a plan of action. I started yesterday implementing our ideas and all I can say is, WOW. Nothing major, just little things that took no real effort and it completely changed my day. I left my home office with a feeling of accomplishment, something I have not done in years."


"I had a life coaching session with Kiki over the phone. She was wonderful and very insightful. She told me we could talk about anything I'd like and asked great questions and offered strong advice for anything I brought up. She suggested ideas on how to work towards improving my work, financial and social life. I've already started following through on some of her suggestions with great success. I'm really excited to see what else I can make happen." 


"Not knowing what to expect, I had a wonderful time talking with Kiki. While feeling almost helpless and a bit overwhelmed in my current situation, she assisted with separating my thoughts and tearing down certain blocks that were created. Kiki helped me refocus my goals and dreams and channel them into a doable situation. When I normally go into my current place of work, I dread it. Today I did not. I realized that there are changes I am QUITE capable making and achieving. I look forward to the new changes!"


"I moved to Nashville last February from Chicago where I had lived 31 years (all) of my life. A life coach is just what I need to get over the 'culture shock' and to empower me to chase my dreams. This was my first life coaching session. I now prefer life coach sessions over traditional therapist or psychologist sessions. I felt we accomplished a lot in just one session. Kiki was able to see my life from a different perspective which helped me to realize the positive things."


"I had a life coaching session with Kiki and found it very helpful. I found talking things over with Kiki to be a positive experience. She was supportive of my thoughts and helped me focus on what my intentions were for our discussion. I would be very happy to use her as a life coach anytime.


"When I contact Kiki I was very frazzled and had been running my brain ragged trying to find solutions. Kiki help me to stop my rampant thinking and realize I already had a plan - a great plan! She helped me to realize that I was walking and planning in love and it was time to set my ideas in motion. Although my topic was a tough one that was very heavy, I found myself laughing with Kiki and feeling so much lighter about my situation. Kiki shed light on the fact that I kept running all the 'worst case scenarios' threw my head over and over again. She helped me to switch my thinking on what it would look like if my plan was successful and to start manifesting and seeing my plan coming to fruition. The session left me feeling lighter and ready to push forward. I was grateful for her help to remove all that stressful weight and replace it with a can do attitude."