Katie Slachciak

Katie Slachciak



"Katie was very pleasant when we met. She was relaxed and focused. We talked about alternative health and the lifestyle of mediation and yoga. She talked about her focus which helped me to understand her a little better and this made me more comfortable that I could trust and share with her. This carried our conversation to another level of the attitude of these forms of healing in the south. It is still a very new arena and there are many people who are beginning to recognize its benefits, but it is far from being the most popular at this time. We were able to converse about Louise Hay and Dr. Wayne Dyer. She mentioned that she had heard about Ms. Hay in one of her classes. This further enhanced our conversation. (On a side note, I mentioned that I was drawn to the area of alternative practices and studied iridology and healing herbs. I do not get to speak with many about this because it isn’t widely practiced in my area.) From there, we talked about things I wanted to get control of in my life, particularly things I could control i.e. healthy living habits. While I spoke, she paid very close attention to the details of my conversation. She was able to pinpoint areas that I could use to strengthen my endeavors and we created an affirmation and a daily routine. She allowed me an opportunity to talk out and write my affirmation. She brought this out by asking me questions and I came up with my own solutions. I really liked how she utilized the positives to encourage me to be better and make better decisions related to my personal endeavors in being kinder to my body. I felt empowered and strong and had humility and appreciation to the universe.  I was very thankful that she helped me. My experience with her was grand. She was very nice. I wish we could have had more time together and she did offer an extension that I could contact her at any time. She had a good nature and spirit. I felt like we learned a lot from each other. But most importantly, after our interaction, I had the 'just came from church' feeling. It was a wonderful experience."




"Katie is a delightful and inspiring woman with a passion to help women. I really needed some guidance in moving forward in my life. I am a 38-year old single mother of an adorable 4-year old son with autism. I work full-time as a massage therapist while slowly chipping away at a psychology degree. Needless to say, I can get bogged down and feel as though I am swimming in an endless sea with no direction. Katie is a very caring and compassionate person. We met for about 90 minutes and I left her feeling more optimistic about life in general. She helped me realize the importance of taking more time for myself and doing activities that energize me. I am going to stop procrastinating and take small steps to improve my health and well-being. I am going to start writing my feelings down on paper even though this is challenging for me. Katie was able to give me some insight into who I really am as an individual and things I can do to help achieve my future goals. I think she will be successful in her approach to helping woman succeed in a more healthy and fulfilling life."




"I was impressed with Katie's focus and care. I felt she was both able to hear me and offer ideas about what I might try or how I might think about a situation. I have the impression that Katie  has a lot of energy and enthusiasm for her work, as well as patience and compassion. I appreciated her willingness to speak from her own experience. I also appreciated getting to talk with her and  feel that I benefited from getting some idea and experience of what holistic life coaching is about."




"Katie is very 'on point' and professional as a Holistic Life Coach. I'm impressed with her confidence/skills learned at Radiant Health Institute - a bright adventurous path for Katie! She will touch many lives."




"Katie was very open and compassionate. She was a good listener and asked a lot of questions to explore different areas of my life that I have been working on. She was very solution-focused in that she encouraged me to find ways to get rid of negative or toxic feelings I may have in some areas of my life. I wrote out an affirmation during my time with her that I will keep as a reminder of what we discussed. Katie will be great in this line of work and is very easy to talk to and open with her thoughts and questions."




"I had the good fortune of having a holistic life coach session with Katie. I feel that it was greatly beneficial to me and that she has helped me to form a plan for my choices moving forward in my career."




"Katie did a very good job! She kept the conversation flowing and moving forward. She was quite easy to visit with."




"My life coaching session with Katie was quite productive and she helped me to view a situation I've been struggling with for sometime."




"Katie asked me what my goals were and how to attain them. She helped me get things that are important to me in sight and set attainable goals. It was great & very beneficial to me."




"I had a session with Katie and it was wonderful. She was very present and focused on the whole of my being rather than my content or story. This was good reflection for me because I tend to get caught up in my decisions of indecision. Katie just checked in with me about what I was ok with and what felt good for me. Her approach is very open and fresh. My focus was brought back to what I wanted, what works for me and how I could apply that to my present moment. I am very thankful for Katie's openness and attention to the whole of my self, with a youthful twist!"




"Katie was pleasant and easy to talk to. I did not feel rushed with my session and she seemed to have an authentic concern for my chosen topic. She helped me by making suggestions and helping me to set goals. I had a very pleasant experience talking to her."




"Katie and I had a very productive hour together. I felt supported and I believe the goals I set were actually within me the whole time. I didn't feel pressured or pushed in any way. It was an enlightening time for me. I am grateful for our time together."




"Katie was very confident and applied coaching techniques to help me pinpoint the most advantageous avenue to achieve my goals. She first had to help me define the goals. We then located potential challenges and she guided me to look at alternate ways to circumvent those challenges. I chose to draw out a map to provide a visual reminder of our coaching session. Katie helped me to define the future goal and its aspects. We then linked in possible routes to achieving that goal and added a pictorical image of what the challenge might look like. Once I was able to 'picture' the goals and the challenges, Katie helped me set a timeline to work on in baby steps. This was a very effective session and Katie was able to guide me into identifying choices that will move me forward to my selected goals! I would definitely recommend Katie as a Life Coach."




"Katie held space for me to take the time to think out loud about and plan something I needed to get started on but was feeling a little overwhelmed about and procrastinating on. With the help of her great questions, I was able to write out some key first steps I can take and that was all I needed to feel motivated and ready to get started! She had a perfect combination of questions to get me thinking and suggestions based on what she learned, from careful listening and what would be a good fit for me. I would recommend Katie as a life coach to anyone."




"Katie has this amazing way about her. As a life coach, I found her to be extremely creative in her questions. This was a tremendous help to me because she asked me things I wasn't considering. Katie is very intuitive and her relaxed and positive manner was a breath of fresh air. She uses a simple yet sophisticated style of coaching that I just love!"




"I enjoyed my session with Katie. She touched on a lot of things that I already knew about but had not really voiced my feelings. She was very informative, very gentle yet forceful with making me chose dates for my January and February goals. She also make me feel very welcomed. I did not know what holistic coaches do but now I do and I'm glad I met her. I can't wait to speak with her next month to see if I have met my goals and I'm sure I will be ready to set new goals with her. This has been an eye-opening experience."


April Morrison


"I had an session with Katie and enjoyed it. I found her to be encouraging in addition to offering suggestions pertaining to a homeopathic remedy. She explores the inner thoughts we each have and encourages you to resolve things holding you back from finishing goals and doing a timeline to keep goal oriented. I look forward to trying the things she and I discussed and referring others who would benefit from her skills and knowledge."




"I had a holistic life coaching session with Katie.  It was a real treat to get to chat with her about my goals for 2013.  She helped me devise easy plans to meet my goals and gave me refreshing and encouraging advice. She is a great Holistic Life Coach!"




"I had a life coach session with Katie and enjoyed it a lot. I did not expect much of the session since i don't have any issues in my life, but talking to Katie gave me a different perspective on things which is always good."