Jess Ferguson

Jess Ferguson


"This was my first experience with life coaching and I loved it!  Jess is very insightful and was able to see/hear things in the conversation that I did not even realize were there.  I am a very visual person and found the written exercise very helpful.  She was very professional and I felt an excellent listener.  I felt that she provided a very warm and safe environment that was free of judgement."



"I wasn't really all that sure of what to expect, as the concept of 'life coaching' seemed very open to me. However, the intention presented itself when I felt comfortable enough to explore a subject that I don't have the opportunity to touch on in the everyday life - the shyness and insecurity I experience when I initiate interpersonal communication. Jess drew up a beautiful framework of the space between thought and action, and although it was a vague concept I had explored previously, it was nice to see it so clean and presentable. She is very present and attentive and it is easy to open up and be present with her (especially to discuss something like the concept of holding space in the present moment!). I took away a sheet of paper offering what I wrote down during the session - the tools for remaining in the gap between thought and action and gentle self-reminders, which again, are nice to have presented in a clean format. It was an interesting experience, as I don't typically initiate and continue a conversation, especially over the span of an hour. It was very refreshing to have her guided questions, feedback, and reminders of what are truly important to me. I'm inspired and take it all to heart, ready to practice with the tools I have."



"My coaching session with Jess was wonderful! She has a quiet way of making you feel at ease all the while getting you to 'zero in' on the heart of the matter at hand. I came away from the session uplifted with a laundry list of practical things I can implement now to move me down the path to the place I would rather be. I can highly recommend Jess for her professional, knowledgeable approach, gentle spirit and the great insights I gained during our session."



"My hour with Jess Ferguson was an hour of wonder. Her delicate, guided questioning revealed a helpful visualization of inner truths I would have never imagined possible in a short period of time. Her acuity and timing gently guided my thoughts from my head to my hand that gave me evidence of the soul-work I didn’t realize I was shaping as I wrote! Her caring attentiveness and patience created a safe and relaxing energy space. Her guided, meditative approach to coaching delivered an intense journey of self-discovery. For that I am grateful and excited for our next session!"    



"Jess is such a special, gentle soul...heartfelt, open, clear and articulate in her assisting and coaching from soul to soul.  I thoroughly enjoyed her wisdom, guidance, and ability to speak of and in the other realms and land it into the present healing moment :) Rare, I will say for me to find someone who speaks my language so to speak on such deep metaphysical arenas. I walked away with some concrete ideas and the feeling of knowing a lovely person who will help so many in the future."



"I had an absolutely amazing session with Jess. It was perfect! She helped get through a blockage I had  when it came to communicating my wants and desires to others. Basically speaking my truth and honoring it myself. This has helped me move forward and have healthier communication skills in this area. We talked about other things as well. All very relevant to my spiritual growth and fulfilling my life purpose here on earth. I'm truly thankful for our time together. It reminds me of the ripple affect our actions and relationships with one person can influence our interactions with others. In this case, in a very positive way." 



"I had a life coaching session with Jess and all I can say is WOW! She is absolutely amazing. She tuned right in to exactly what I need in my life. She held the space for me to feel safe and open sharing what is going on in my life right now. She guided me through some exercises that helped me tune in with what I am truly needing in my life. I left feeling more centered, grounded and relaxed than I have in quite some time. She has amazing coaching skills, and probably is one of the best I have been blessed to share space with.I can't recommend her enough!"



"I had the great privilege of receiving some fantastic advice from Jess. She and I spent two hours together, emailing back and forth. Jess has a gift of being a fabulous listener, seeing the bigger picture and the ability to think outside the box. She takes the time to understand her clients' needs and works with them to find tangible options to improve in whatever areas they seek help with. Her warmth and joy as a person shines through each interaction, and you can tell that she truly cares to take the time to help. Jess is extremely creative and imaginative, and presented many options to me that I had not previously thought of. She is professional and also caring. I've been honored to work with her and have complete confidence that anyone who seeks coaching from her will benefit in many ways."



"I had a wonderful coaching experience with Jess. At first I didn't have high expectations that the way I operate in my life could be different, but I was totally wrong. Working with Jess has helped me more deeply think about the relationships in my life. Relationships that I just took for granted and never focused on improving. After following Jess's suggestions and activities, I was able to see where I would like change to happen and realizing that I have the power to ask for changes in my life. I am more than just a person that gets things done for other people. My eyes have been opened to myself and how I feel about my life. As a chronic 'to-do list, get it done' type person it was eye opening to really spend quality time deeply thinking about the relationships I have at work, home, and with myself. I simply cannot put into words how wonderful the experience was and how I look at each facet of my life differently. I am beginning to see very positive changes and have the coaching experience with Jess to thank for that."



"I really didn't know what to expect going in to the first session, but Jess's approach was pleasant, simple, and straight-forward. Nevertheless, the practice opened my eyes to some pretty big things. In the three weeks since, just being aware of those things has made a big difference! Our second session was lovely, but very different. Rather than meeting over coffee, we decided to take a walk in the woods of Edwin Warner Park. Rather than observing my inner life, we took time to enjoy the outer life, being mindful of the sunshine, the breeze, and the course of our path. Jess is very skilled at pointing out the similarities between things like a rocky path and a conversation about career."



"I am so grateful that I chose to have a life coaching session with Jess.  It was absolutely worth it!  I found that her coaching style - gentle, deeply insightful, direct but with a very light touch - helped me to naturally focus on those area of my life where I was feeling stuck, and loosen the knots in a way that left me feeling more energized and enthusiastic than I have in years.  More than a good listener, I felt that Jess was able to hear the essence of what I was trying to express, the meaning beneath the words, and could then reflect this back to me in a way that helped me to understand myself better, to better connect with my heart. Because of our session that quiet little voice inside me, the one that we are often afraid to listen to, is stronger and clearer.  Not only that, I find that I am left with practical tools and personal insight that help me to discern those things in my life that it would serve me to embrace, and those that it is time to let go of.  That is a real gift, for which I am profoundly grateful."