Jazzy Sdlihc

Jazzy Sdlihc


"Jazzy is very intelligent and has a discerning spirit. She is also very thorough during our sessions. She got straight to the point as far as getting my schedule and other activities in order and she instantly made suggestions that challenged me to take action. I really appreciate her kind words that not only move you into action they stick meaning when she speaks it really makes you think long after the conversation. I believe this is an important trait for any life coach to have. After one session with her, I was encouraged and excited about my schedule and adding structure to it."


"I was truly moved by Jazzy's ability to listen and understand my issue without being biased. She opened my eyes to see that it's always better to consider simply what's right or wrong not to base decisions strictly on people's relationship to you. She is professional and empathetic and I see great things in her future. I am blessed to know someone with such precious gifts."


"My coaching session with Jazzy was amazing! She was compassionate and gave me great tools to push through and past my fears about a GOOD thing that is happening in my life! She even drilled down and got me to answer a question, although scary (in a good way) to speak out into the universe. It was necessary because it is something my soul has always longed for. (I had not even admitted this out loud to my best friend yet, haha!) She reminded me how speaking it aloud was powerful and how God can quickly manifest it into Being if it is in full alignment for my Higher Self! I came to the realization, after the session, that my inner child was just scared of being hurt again, but this current situation so far shows no signs of that. She encouraged me lovingly to keep considering my worthiness of such happiness that has come from this good situation that has arisen for me. All in all, my session was insightful, deeply honoring and fun! She is also wonderful at holding space! She even send a kind text message to me the next day and will do a follow-up in a week with me, which meant a lot! I recommend her highly! :)"


"I had a session with Jazzy and it went very well. We discussed issues I had dealing with verbal expression; she had suggested that I started doing affirmations everyday...speaking the things I want into my life until they are in the present. We also discussed having emotions under control by going over the Four Agreements (one that stuck out was not taking others actions toward you personal when it's how they deal with their reality and has nothing to do with you). I thoroughly enjoyed the session with Jazzy. She's amazing!"


"Jazzy has a great ability to connect with her clients. I spoke with her about a few difficulties I have been experiencing regarding balance and boundaries. Those are two areas in my life in which I find the most troublesome. In telling Jazzy about this, I recognized how close she was listening. I felt she listened to not only my words but the feelings and problems underlying them. I am following her instruction, and so far I have found a few solutions for myself while journaling. It's only been a few days! I would recommend Jazzy any day, and I believe she has a special and unique qualities that make her a wonderful life coach."


"Jazzy helped me so much being my life coach. I was very down and was asking GOD to help me find patience. Jasmine had a statement she said about patience but I felt it. I replied to her that I was trying so bad but didn’t know how. She helped me to understand that it was a root reason and I found out what it was with her help. I am so thankful that I have her to turn to because she is a blessing."


"I thoroughly enjoyed my session with Jazzy. We discussed goal setting, accountability and setting boundaries. Jazzy is very easy to talk to and she was very attentive. I love her as a life coach!"


"Jazzy really helped me to think through things and then take measures to get results. She gently guided me towards the place of discovering how to resolve some stressful issues. By the end of the conversation, I felt validated and heard. One of the many things Jazzy does is to listen with empathy and compassion. She is truly a rare jewel."


"I had a session with Jazzy and she was great. She said things that really made sense and she gave me some great things to focus on. She gave me some homework and I plan on doing it this weekend!"


"Jazzy was very attentive and compassionate about my issue. I am a HUGE worrier, and she definitely coached me out of panic mode. She gave me suggestions that posed as alternatives to worrying. Then I had a second coaching session where we discussed gratitude. She suggested that I start a 'Grateful Log' on myself and for my family. I often spend more time complaining than appreciating. She helped me put things into perspective by focusing on the best case scenario instead of the worst."


"I spoke with Jazzy concerning a issue within my family. Jazzy was very professional and she also suggested a few tools to better help me understand and also accept this issue. I have since began to use those tools. I really enjoyed our session and look forward to speaking with Jazzy again."


"I am so grateful for the opportunity to be coached by Jazzy. She is a tremendous talent. She's intuitive, very down-to-earth and most importantly, real. I was very impressed with her ability to really hear me and strategize on ways to make my life better. Thank you Jazzy. You are a true She-ro!"


"Jazzy was professional, listened to what I was saying, gave me some good feedback and asked some good questions."


"Jazzy is great at what she does. She is very grounded within herself, therefore she was able to give me great advice and guide me in a healthy direction in life. I would recommend her to any of my friends for guidance and direction."


"Jazzy had a very deep, strong presence. She has a warm energy about her. She was very attentive and listened to what I had to say. I felt that she genuinely cared about my issue and wanted to help--and she did. She was very effective and I love her client-centered approach. I felt as if she tailors each session specifically for each client. I will definitely recommend her to others. Then I received a second session with Jazzy. I called her in 'crisis mode'--needing clarity on something I couldn't quite wrap my mind around at the time. Immediately, she changed my perception of the issue I was having--which is a powerful thing to be able to pull a person out of their cyclone of thoughts into the sunshine of clarity, thus shifting perception. She's turning into my 'go to' person when I need something sorted out!"


"Jazzy has been like a breath of fresh air as my life coach. She has inspired me in numerous ways causing me to view life from a different aspect. For many years I'd lived my life STRESSED TO THE MAX & OVERWHELMED! After my mother passed away, I had pretty much given up on life. I was going through the motions with no progress. My mother was my best friend & business partner for over 10 years. I lived my life through her happiness for so long. After she passed away, I was lost in my life's journey. Now I'm in the process of making a LIFE TRANSITION THAT INCLUDE BALANCE & PERSONAL GROWTH THANKS TO JAZZY. Soon I shall LEAP into my DESTINY!"


"I had a session with Jazzy to discuss my future plans for my purpose and calling. I met her a few months back and had an instant connection with her. Her warmth and knowledge about people immediately put me at ease. As she shared her story, I was impressed with her truth and strength. Jazzy ‘s wisdom when we talked and her encouragement was one of a comfort level which I felt led to share many dreams and disappointments with her. She has encouraged me to continue pursuing my dreams and goals. She has also encouraged me to use her as an accountability partner, which I am happy to do. Jazzy has a unique insight into people and their pain and struggles with a positive and loving knowledge which is her biggest talent. I feel Jazzy is an in creditable asset to the field of coaching and mentoring. I look forward to growing with her, as I see her as a person placed in my life to learn and grow from and with."