Jasmine Charna'y Jones

Jasmine Charna'y Jones

"Jasmine's coaching skills are very good and I enjoyed every minute of it. She's fun and smiley easy to get along with and talk to...and definitely helped me out in my situations. I couldn't be more happy. I would recommend her to anybody."



"I was fortunate enough to have a coaching session with Jasmine recently.  Her calm soothing energy made it very easy to open up and talk about anything on my mind.  Her questions were brilliantly articulated in a way that really helped me organize my thoughts and establish a solid plan for achieving my goals.  I am very grateful for her help!"



"I'm going through a really tough situation and after speaking with her I was able to look at my emotions and have a clearer view of the situation. Sometimes when talking to friends and family, they only look at a situation from one point of view. Jasmine helped me look at it all around."



"Jasmine came into my life and helped me find another way to relieve myself of my resentment and hurt from feeling betrayed. Her combination of spirituality and reality technique really saved me from my own hands. Her presence felt very inviting and warm. She is a great listener and helped me take accountability and find the true root to my depression."



"Jasmine has inspired me in so many ways. There were days that I would struggle emotionally and she would support me. She is a very great role model in my life and she is highly appreciated. When I have a problem, all I have to do is send her a message via Facebook or text. She is a very intelligent and amazing young woman."



"I was happy to be coached by Jasmine about some of the problems I was having. There is so much going on in my life so it was a big help to be able to talk to Jasmine and have her coach me through each concern. I learned a few things about myself and also considered strategies for job searches and handling disputes at work. Within days of using those strategies discussed, I showed an improved attitude and peace about the challenges I was facing."



"The way Jasmine taught me things...she did it step-by-step. She had a lot of patience helping me. No one ever helped me so much like she did. She's a really good coach."



"Jasmine's coaching skills are very good. My situation was like many others. I was afraid to step out on faith and run for this position at my school. She encouraged me to be different and believe that God will get me through. At the end of the conversation, I decided to tun for the position next year and to give it my all."