Jamie Cartwright

Jamie Cartwright


"My session with Jamie was very beneficial for me.  She asked very good questions that really made me think deeper about myself and where I am in my life.  She was detailed and explained the questions very well. She did an awesome job!"



"I have never had a life coach session before and when I did this with Jamie, she helped to guide me to move in a new direction with organizing things within my profession as well as handle a few things that were overwhelming in my personal relationship with a friend and business colleague. With her help in goal setting, I was able to free myself if a few burdens and see things a bit more clearly and reach new goals. Jamie will be a great asset to anyone needing this service!" 



"I had never spoken with a life coach before, but my session with Jamie was helpful.  It gave me some things to consider about situations in my life that I am thinking about changing.  She was professional and encouraging and most importantly, let me go at my own pace. She paused after questions, to let me think about them before I answered." 



"Jamie asked thoughtful questions, she was engaged in my responses and she offered helpful feedback. Actually, she has inspired me to start doing some of the things we discussed in our session. I've been working on being more organized and have scheduled in exercise sessions to my calendar like she encouraged me to do. I feel privileged to have worked with her."



"My coaching session with Jamie proved to be very beneficial to me. And to my surprise (I have never talked to someone like this) just by talking and expressing my inner thoughts and being truthful to a neutral party who was not there to judge me, was a great stress reliever. She knew what questions to ask to really question myself and my actions. She also recommended some readings which I will be purchasing asap."



"I had a very good coaching session with Jamie.  I noted that I had three major life goals right now, and when Jamie questioned me about what was getting in my way, we discovered that I procrastinate.  Jamie asked me some further questions to help me see how I procrastinate and why I do this.  We then worked on a couple of short-term goals to help me achieve my overall goals.  I didn't feel like she was leading me to certain conclusions, which was good, but she asked some great questions to help me see things I had not thought of before."



"I had a good session with Jamie. She made a point of letting me finish my statements and allowed me to steer the conversation even when it got on a tangent as long as I worked back to the original topic. The questions she asked were well-directed and open-ended. They caused me to be introspective and she allowed me talk out the answers even if they were wordy."



"Jamie and I had a life coaching session and I didn't think much would come from it because I felt at a decent place in my life. Jamie asked a few questions to get the conversations started. She asked a specific question...and that just got the ball rolling. She called me out on my 'crap' on a few things and I absolutely was so grateful for that. She asked the right questions to get me to push myself out of my standard answer for things. While we didn't solve all the world's problems, it was a great conversation that pushed me into knowing I can have more from my life. Her tender and kind heart is what I love about her. She is so kind in the way she talks to people."



"Jamie is good. We talked about weight-loss goals and how to stay motivated. She is both personable but professional at the same time. I am excited to try out new monthly weight-loss goals and using BMI in my goals as well."



"My session with Jamie was really helpful.  I'm engaged to a great guy. It's my first marriage and his second.  I want a big wedding, and he thinks it's a waste of money.  Talking about this with Jamie helped me see why it is that I want things a certain way, and why compromising in this situation seems so much harder than in other situations."



"I just had awesome life coach session with Jamie. She helped me narrow down the best subject to discuss, asking me great questions and leading me to make definitive plans of action. I can't think of one thing she could have done better." 



"I had a great session with Jamie today.  She listened well and gave me some ideas about changing my eating habits, which I have been trying to do.  She sent me a link to a website for new recipe ideas and suggested perhaps an accountability partner."



"I didn't really have any idea what a life coaching session would look like or even what the purpose was, but Jamie explained the purpose and the goal of the session very well. We ended up discussing how I could use my various skills to help bring extra income to my family. Even as someone who always thinks she is focused and capable, I was surprised at how versatile her suggestions were. She had quite a few ideas I had never considered, and I've pursued some of them today. She let me talk and was compassionate and understanding. As a mom of four children, I don't get to talk much without interruption!"



"My coaching session with Jamie went really well. We discussed an area I am struggling with and she guided me towards several options that could lead to helping me. I would highly consider her for future guidance."



"I really enjoyed my session with Jamie. It was actually very therapeutic."



"I spoke with Jamie about my career goals. Jamie is a knowledgeable woman and a great coach. She encouraged me and gave me excellent advice on how to further my career. She was a great help to me."



"Jamie has a way of getting through to the main issues keeping me from doing what I should be doing for my own happiness, and she helped me find a better direction forward."



"My session with Jamie went smooth and I felt very comfortable speaking with her. During our conversation she made me realize that I may be able to juggle a little more if I right things down instead of trying to remember everything. She also got me thinking about what's most important in my life when it comes to business projects."