Isabel Barros

Isabel Barros

"Isabel was lighthearted, free spirited, and fun. She handled a mature topic well and asked good questions."


"Isabel helped me discover my principal past, present and future motivators.  I have learnt a great deal about myself and look forward to having more of these sessions as a I explore ways to synchronize with my true self."


"I had the pleasure of Isabel giving me a life coach session.  She has a wonderful Rogerian approach to her coaching. She presents the possibilities and allows her clients to determine what they need to fulfill themselves.  She is very intuitive and makes interesting connections that I would not have thought of. She touched on my challenge of receiving and how that relates to my past and present life situations. I felt a real connection to the coaching which was presented clearly intelligently and most importantly from the heart."


"I had a coaching session with Isabel and it really opened up my eyes to a personal issue I was having. I hope with this newfound knowledge, I can work on myself and take each new experience a growing one."