Ian Wingate

Ian Wingate

"Ian's coaching skills really helped put things into perspective for my situation. He helped me realize that other people's actions didn't have to take a negative effect on me and that I can increase my happiness by spending time doing things I enjoy. He is easy to relate to and quietly studied me with a modest approach without interruption."


"Ian is an excellent life coach. Each session opens my eyes and helps me discover new possibilities in my thinking and in my life. He shows a passion for helping other people and does a very good job at guiding you and helping you think outside of your regular comfort zone to new possibilities that could change your life. I personally find it great to have a life coach that you can tell is truly listening and interested in what you are saying and genuinely wants to see you be the best version of you that you can be."


"Ian’s naturally calming nature made it easy to express internal roadblocks that have weighed me down for so long with seemingly no answer in sight.  He prompted me to move forward in my mind with a bigger plan and to trust myself to make the life-changing decisions necessary when the time comes.  I no longer feel stagnant in time, but believe that the pieces of the second half of my life will come together in a positive way, especially now that I have a more positive outlook.  At the end of our session I was amazed to realize that through Ian’s guidance, I really had sifted through the clutter and had come full circle with a new perspective on old problems.  Ian’s coaching talent and ability helped me to bring a renewed sense of hope and enlightenment to the surface."


"Over the past few weeks, I have had multiple sessions with Ian. We discussed many topics such as health/physical fitness and maintaining a positive attitude. I felt that Ian did an excellent job listening to issues that I have and gave me the impression that he really was listening without commenting. You could tell that after the first session we had, he researched some of the items we discussed and gained knowledge for the next time we spoke. That I felt made the second session flow very smoothly. A lot of the issues were resolved during our discussions with Ian giving positive advice and offering thought stimulation. I felt that thought stimulation was the biggest asset Ian had during our discussions. A lot of people try to give you answers or give their opinion instead of letting you figure it out on your own. Ian, on the other hand, triggered my thought process instead."


"I was very happy with the way our coaching sessions went. Ian made me feel completely comfortable and really helped with issues at hand."


"Ian and I have had several sessions over the past several months.  Our conversations have ranged from relationships, to work, to spiritual journeys...one building on top of the other creating a clear path and motivation to go full speed ahead towards my goals and dreams.  Ian's gifts are abundant.  He has an incredible ability to truly listen to you and your concerns, and just give you the space to ramble and just talk if that's what you need in any given moment.  He has a large amount of resources in his head that he can suggest at any moment, depending on what your needs are.  Another one of his greatest attributes from a client's perspective is patience.  He has the patience to let you go through your process without making you feel rushed or unimportant.  Ian is a wonderful motivator and asks the questions that will get your mind thinking and help you move down the path that you are wanting to go down.  If you are upset, as I was at the start of some of our sessions when 'life' happens, he has a beautiful ability to talk you off the ledge and help you see the sun through the clouds.  You can always count on him to be there for you with unwavering support.  He will follow-up with you and ask if you've made progress on the steps you had discussed and goals you had set for yourself.  He is great at suggesting visualization exercises that you can use for mostly any moment in your day if you need to feel grounded, protected, removed from pain you are experiencing, or if you are just wanting to feel more universally connected. He truly embraces the holistic aspect of healing and every session was very refreshing.  I always walked away feeling better than I did at the start. I look forward to more sessions with Ian in the future!"