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"As someone who is very familiar with the therapy/psychologist model, I was interested to see how coaching was different and how it was was similar. Gina asked helpful and insightful questions, and I like how they led to me talk about things I wouldn’t have otherwise."



"Gina and I had a good exchange of ideas and, along with some techniques which she employed, together we created some workable solutions to address the intention I had set forward at the beginning of the session.  I was pleased with the outcome and look forward to applying the techniques Gina and I constructed to help me be successful, not only in this endeavor, but useful as tools going forward."



"Gina was very helpful through the process and assisted me in identifying and clarifying  a goal to be worked I move into the next stage of my journey."



"Gina's encouragement helped me talk in an open and honest way. Her questions lead me to some insight and I look forward to meeting with her again in the future."



"Gina and I talked primarily about some short-term career goals, and she had me write down some objectives. We also talked about ways to ease through a transition into a new phase of life, and she had me write down some things related to that, as well. I think we talked for about an hour and after the session I felt like I had some concrete steps to take on both fronts."



"Gina asked open-ended questions and led an exercise for me to reflect on the parts of my life. I'm in a transition place and the conversations both helped me identify specifics for next steps in my life journey. My reflection led to specific steps related to the issues that Gina helped me to surface. This allowed me to report on the actions with Gina, and she asked a 'what if' question that led me deeper. I am still reflecting and working with ideas surfaced by the coaching experience."



"Gina helped me get started as I wasn't sure where I wanted to go with the conversation.  She asked questions about what might be holding me back on a decision I want to make.  She suggested that I mark my calendar to spend some time researching options for my future."



"Gina was very helpful and insightful with me.  She helped me see things in my life from a different perspective.  We discussed many aspects of my life and I was very moved by the session."



"Gina has such a calming presence. I remember that when the session was over, I felt like a weight had been taken off of my shoulders. Ultimately, the incredible pressure I have been putting on myself regarding my future had been significantly alleviated, and I walked away having been encouraged and having been given practical, realistic advice. It was a really neat experience."

Mary Katherine 


"My conversation with Gina generally focused on my writing career and my need to send the completed manuscript of my first novel to a number of agents I have identified. I had recently applied for a job I didn't get and was feeling disappointed. Gina inquired about my dream job, and that moved into a conversation about my writing, especially my favorite way of writing. We also discussed perfectionism and procrastination (two things I employ regularly) and when to just send the material without letting fear of rejection prevent it. Gina was helpful, intuitive, and willing to explore and ask questions. We set some goals and she followed up with me on the date we decided on."



"I really appreciated Gina's approach, and she helped me listen to my own instincts about framing my next three months. That timeframe is particular to my circumstances. And she also helped me bring a bunch of scattered thoughts into clearer focus. All good!"



"I had the privilege of meeting with Gina to receive a session of life coaching. As a therapist, I thought, this will be fun. So, I attended the session without expectations and was pleasantly surprised when Gina was able to help me gain insight into some decisions and steps I need to make to achieve my next life journey goals. Gina is very knowledgeable and gifted at what she does. She fostered a warm, nonjudgmental, open environment to share. I appreciate her time in meeting with me and feel she has a promising future as a Life Coach."



"Gina led me through a visualization practice, and I thoroughly enjoyed the insights that came from it. I have had some coaching experiences in the past, and I feel like Gina will make a superb coach!"



"Gina is certainly helping me find clarity."



"Gina was a great help to me."



"I had a great session with Gina today. She shared with me the framework of life coaching, and she asked me some really excellent questions which will help me make a decision. I’m grateful to have had this experience." 



"Gina did a lovely job in our initial session asking sensitive questions that helped me consider how the waiting time I am going through might be an opportunity to prepare for the future I seek. In our second session, we did a meditation aimed at getting at unconscious self-limiting beliefs. I gained a great deal of insight in that exercise that I will be processing and I expect to find it quite useful."