Craig "Fett" Fetterolf

Craig "Fett" Fetterolf

"I can honestly say that the Holistic Life Coaching training I received from Radiant Health Institute (RHI) was life-altering. Before I attended the training, I didn’t really know what to expect, as I had heard the term 'life coach' but had never had any experience with life coaching. By the time the training was over, I obviously had a very deep appreciation for life coaching, both as a coach and a 'coachee.' But far beyond that, I had completely changed my perspective on my own business – and my own life. 


On the business side, the skills and techniques I learned in the training made me realize that my 'consulting' business had been very limited without life coaching as one of its key components. There’s a huge difference between consulting clients who expect you to have all the answers and essentially do the work for them, and coaching clients who want you to help them come up with the answers and then do the work themselves. One of the biggest lessons I learned from the training was the importance of guiding people to make their own discoveries, draw their own conclusions and develop their own plans of action. If one just hands them ideas and solutions, they won’t have nearly the incentive to act that comes with owning the ideas and solutions themselves because they came up with them on their own. I feel the training gave me all the skills I need to help my coaching clients do just that.


On the personal side, one totally unexpected side-effect of the training was my own self-discovery. Through learning and trying out the coaching techniques, I found myself looking at my own life and my own circumstances in a completely different light. I realized – just as a coach helps clients to realize – that I had far more control over my life and its outcomes that I had ever thought before. In this way, the training has empowered me, regardless of any coaching I may do with my own clients in the future. In addition, the training gave me – a true 'left-brained,' analytical person – a chance to get deeply in touch with my spiritual and emotional side in a way I had never been able to do before.


I would be remiss if I did not make specific mention of our trainer, Dez Stephens. I don’t think the training would have had half the impact if Dez had not been the wise, skilled 'Sherpa' that she was on our journey. Beside the fact that she has obviously gained a tremendous depth of experience in her own seven-plus years of coaching, she displays a truly special empathy for and connection with those who are fortunate enough to be her students. Most impressive were her demo coaching sessions during our classes, when she skillfully demonstrated exactly how to apply techniques and concepts we learned in the lectures. She showed an uncanny ability to cut directly to the heart of issues with the subjects she coached. And to boot, she has a phenomenal memory. As a result, nothing gets past her! Dez is truly a 'natural' in the field – a rare one indeed.


Based on my own profound experiences in my training, I would recommend RHI’s Holistic Life Coaching training to anyone with an interest in the field. It has changed me forever for the better."