Emily Bruce

Emily Bruce

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"What truly makes Emily wonderful is her ability to use her own personal experience in her coaching with me. I know for a fact God sent her to me. Emily has the voice of an angel and the wisdom of a wise woman, the ability to see a situation's big picture. She brings it all together so that you can understand it and become a better person and overall a healthier person."



"Emily is an amazing coach. I was taught to forgive myself, forgive my ex and learn to live life again. When I realized that my divorce was around the corner and going to be finalized, it was a true struggle for me. When you love someone you don’t stop loving them overnight and just because you walk away, it still doesn’t change the history you had. She was my biggest support system. Sometimes in life you have to step away from family and friends and talk to someone that is non-opinionated and does not know you in your regular circles. Emily taught me to trust and that eventually, I will open my heart up to love. She is nurturing and comforting and her words are powerful."



"I have been having a lot of difficulty sleeping and was suffering with a lot of anxiety at nights. I was not sure why, and with Emily's help I was able to trace this back to some childhood experiences that were still not healed. Many of these memories were stored in my subconscious and they were manifesting in my inability to sleep and my anxiety at night. Thanks to some exercises that she recommended, I have been able to reduce my anxiety tremendously, and although my insomnia is not gone, I feel confident that I have the ability to overcome this. We also discussed my future, and she helped me visualize what I want and I feel confident that I will reach my goals. Thanks to her help, meditation and a constant effort to be present, my life has been infused with new meaning, new hope and a sense of confidence that everything will be OK. I have in me, all I need to be happy."