Elizabeth Randles

Elizabeth Randles

"I had a life coaching session this weekend with Elizabeth. Wow. I didn't really know what to expect as this was my first time doing something of this nature. It was very easy to talk with her and soon I was saying more than I planned. I'm not usually a big talker about my own issues. She was able to get me thinking about a lot of different options, things I had been ignoring and pointing me at some things that I'd completely forgotten about. I usually trudge through and go on because I must, but she was able to give me some very good advice as I need to reconnect with not only my spirituality but with myself on my current path of change. I feel that talking with Elizabeth  has given me some order put of my current chaos. After the session I immediately followed a bit of her advice and wandered into one of my very old meditative places, it was special me time and communing with nature which is a huge thing I've been lacking. And I don't think I would have done this had not I had this session with Elizabeth. Oh, I may have at some point when the stress made me absolutely insane, but her calm, settling assurance and guidance helped me take that first step. Also she's very good at noticing and pointing out those places where a calming prayer or mantra might help with calming you down and making you ground and center. There are a lot of things that I need to let go of or at least realize I have no control of or responsibility for. Another thing she helped me with was coming up with a means of releasing an unnecessary guilt that I feel I'm a particular situation. I haven't faced that situation since our session yet, but I feel more confident now that when it arises she's given me a little control over it...well it's me who must have the control but she gave me the tools with which to work. I'm very glad to have done this and will be spreading the word!"




"I didn’t really know what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised by how easy she was to talk to. She really listened and was able to help me see things in a new light, which gave me some clarity on some personal decisions I needed to make. She was friendly, supportive, and just really nice to be around. I'm very grateful for her help during an overwhelming time in my life. Her advise and visualization suggestions have been particularly effective."




"Had a great session with Elizabeth. She really made me feel comfortable and safe to share my thoughts. Just holding the space was enough but her practical and well thought out suggestions were extremely helpful. She is truly someone who cares about helping others and I felt she had my best interest at heart. Her listening skills are wonderful! I was able to process through some things and come up with solutions - and even one of her ideas is already in place. I felt so much better after our session."




"Elizabeth is a very nurturing, kind, sincere and empathic healer! She held a nonjudgmental sacred space for me to feel and put me at ease. I felt heard and honored. She helped empower me to keep flowing through the pain I was carrying around about a certain issue I was working through, and offered great support and guidance. I finally felt like I could tackle the issue that was weighing me down with greater clarity and strength after my session. I recommend her highly!"