Dr Robert Hassell

Dr Robert Hassell

"It is very difficult for me to express my feelings. Robert made me feel so comfortable it almost scared me. We discussed things that I didn't know how to really put into words. He had me draw a circle and write out some of the problems I've been struggling with. This session has caused me to open my eyes and is causing me to handle situations differently. We talked about my strength, my weaknesses and how to improve in the areas I'm lacking. It was a joy to speak with him and I can not wait to do it again."



"My session with Robert was an eye-opening experience. The way he brought out my issues without me even knowing they bothered me really helped me understand a lot of things about my character. I knew I had a problem but after my session we got right to the point of my issue and I truly thank him for helping me figure this out. Ever since our session my main goal was to seek clarity and since then that is what I have been doing. I have been less stressed and seeing things more clear. I just to thank him for all he helped me with."



"My session focused on me as a person and how I can take steps on communicating with my emotions and not with my anger. Robert took the time to dig deep into what really bothers me and why I am afraid to show my vulnerable side which affects my relationship with others. He gave me some ways to express my feelings without shutting down and ways to allow people to know the real me and become closer with others. Overall the session made me realize how my moods and actions affect those that care for me, and I will use this as a stepping stone in changing my ways. GREAT SESSION!!!!"



"I had a great session with Robert where we discussed my emotions. I have always had problems identifying my emotions. In this session I actually tapped into why I have set up this emotional block that I have. Mr. Hassell helped me go deep and pull out the reason for that emotional void. Many people have told me that I have up this wall, but I never seen or felt it. He actually guided me into finding out why I am so shut off to emotions and how I can start to break down my wall. He has a special gift in helping a person dig deep into their problems way they can understand it and feel it at the same time."



"I met with Dr. Hassell and I don't think I've cried that hard in years. This session has helped me deal with some things I've held onto for years. Speaking with Dr. Hassell has helped me look at things so different and our meeting has left me feeling hopeful. I've never felt so comfortable and open. I've never trusted anyone with those emotions but the excerise we did put so much in perspective and I'm so thankful. I'm crying as I'm writing this email because I'm just thankful for Dr.Hassell. He's simply amazing."



"When I first arrived, I did not know what to expect because I have never attended a life coaching session. As we began to discuss my topics for the night I saw myself in a different light. I was able to hear Dr. Hassell verbalize what I have always thought about myself. However by the end of the session, I was able to make realistic goals to help change my prospective on life and the way I feel about myself. I recommend everyone to see a life coach at least once because it will leave you feeling a different way than you came."



"As a man, I struggled for years trying to navigate my way through a variety emotions. Unable to communicate and dealing with frustration that mounted, I was in a very unhealthy in my life. The cycle of my life was costing me the very things that I loved the most. Robert provided essential support while challenging me to confront the issues that I had long neglected and that had become bigger than me over time. I admired his willingness to let me unfold and provide a divine, yet supernatural in order to support me in a place that I had never been before. Robert’s sessions were truly life-giving, inspiring, motivating and empowering. By working with him in these short hours, I was able to regain things in my life I thought were gone forever. Literally, he helped bring me back to life again! Robert helped me clear of the obstacles and blockages that were preventing me from experiencing authentic relationships as well as gain a new sense of self-awareness. Because of the strategies that he has given me through our work together, I recognize that I am enough and that I matter to people. I would recommend him to anyone. The work he does is truly beyond words and I will forever be grateful for how he has helped free me!"



"Moving forward from our last session, I was able to report to Robert the monumental life-changes I experienced as a result of our first session. My goal was to obtain a necessary road-map to gain insight to structuring new endeavors for the upcoming year. Robert empowered me to take an active look at my immediate future and to proactively engage possibilities that I had overlooked. He supported with courage as I faced the issue of dealing with missed opportunities, wasted time and wasted resources. Robert assisted me through pointing a way to redeem my time through emphasizing the redeemable qualities within myself to navigate a detailed plan for success. Through a series of exercises, I was able to rediscover some passions I had as far as my career, friendships and relationships. He challenged me to see the worth of my time and resources by allocating the necessary energies to become well-rounded and most importantly balanced. I highly anticipate entering into my new year balanced, stable and extremely self confident. Robert has proven to be diligent as well as cutting edge regarding his craft as far as holistic life coaching is concerned. He never fails to strategically position himself as a cooperative support that leads the client to confront real issues, reconcile them, practice self-healing and forgiveness, and shift intentionally into the place of change. I am extremely grateful and honored to have him as a coach!"



"Robert is absolutely the best! He coaches you with the highest level of skill and accuracy. His approach and guidance through exercises can be prepared to that of a skilled surgeon. He delicately enables expose themselves in their unique truth, address each issue leaving no stone un-turned and provides the space for one to self-heal and gain strength in the place of a person’s deepest perceived vulnerability. Before my session with Robert, I was in a place where I was lost. I lacked consistency, motivation and love for myself. The guilt I was suffering under pushed me to begin a destructive cycle, which led me to make decisions that could have cost me. Robert provided the positive push in order to not only get me out of the cycle, but empower me through affirmation to create my new reality! Robert assisted me in purging and releasing the negative energies surrounding my life. He helped guide me through strategies to release deep-seated resentment that had help me hostage physically, spiritually, and psychologically. The moment I was able to forgive, it was like a breath of fresh air! Robert is an awesome individual with a spirit that literally transcends this world. His light is so illuminating, refreshing and revitalizing. When you leave his presence, you know that you have instantly been changed on the inside."