Donna Gosselin

Donna Gosselin

"We spent time talking about life, goals, how to achieve them, and even a timeline for achieving them. Despite my (sometimes intentional) diversions, she stayed on point, and offered succinct, consistently positive, and insightful observations."


"Donna does such a great job. She gives me a lot of reference materials to look up. Donna continues to amaze me with information and suggestions on getting my life into balance. She's a great life coach!"


"Donna was helpful with directions and was prompt, professional, inviting and warm. Donna was certain to explain the role of a life coach and carefully listened and reflected. She was instrumental in assisting me to view my issue from another vantage point. I was pleased with the overall proceedings and am confident in Donna's ability."

"Donna was great, very informative!"

"I had a Life Coach meeting with Donna and she was very positive and informative. She made me feel very comfortable and she is extremely easy to talk to. She had some great ideas and tools to help me reach some life goals and to make everyday life more manageable. Her passion is apparent and contagious."


"I left my session with Donna feeling fired up and eager to move onwards and upwards.  The nice thing about a session with Donna is that she makes you feel good about where you are and what you are planning to do.  I know I am a scatter brain, and that I could easily veer off into random conversation.  Donna did a great job asking open-ended questions to redirect me back into the session.  Her compliments also allowed me to reflect on all that I've done in a positive manner.  Donna is great at instilling hope into her clients."


"This was my first experience with any type of life coaching. Donna made it a very pleasant experience. Her questions and suggestions caused me to look inside myself and began to question if I knew what I really wanted or if I was doing what I thought would please other people. Donna did this by being non-judgmental and supportive. She made a safe place for me to examine my life on my terms. I am very grateful for the wonderful coaching that Donna did so well. Her positive approach has caused me to view my life in a different way."


"Donna was very interested in listening to my needs and willing to assist with alternative actions. She made me feel relaxed and focused. I found our session informational and she encouraged me to follow up with options. I find Donna a caring person that has a talent in helping one refocus on options to their issues, not just the issue itself. I would recommend Donna's services to assist others for assistance in helping find balance in their life."


"Meeting with Donna has made a positive difference in my life. With her guidance, I have begun eliminating toxic elements from my life. My finances are looking better. I feel more positive and have a little more self respect after just two sessions. I truly thank her for giving me the support I need to make my life better."

"Donna was very organized and concise. Her pie chart was eye-opening and gave me a good bit to think about. I know she will go far with this career!"

"I had a life coach session with Donna and I have to say that I am was pleasantly surprised with the results. I feel better today because I got some things off my chest. She was very professional and did help me see that some of my behavior is destructive. I am going to work on that."


"It is amazing how Donna can just 'make you talk' firmly believe that she is GREAT at this! She gave me things to think about and made me realize how important or unimportant things are in my life."


"Donna and I discussed the purpose of a life coach then identified the top areas in my life I want to see improvement. I look forward to meeting with her again."


"I had an hour session with Donna. It was a horrible week and lots of stuff happened before and after my session. She listened and really heard what I was trying to say. Needless to say, the session helped immensely. Without it, the week would have been much worse. I have had some success with following her advice. She has helped me understand that I have a good life and with some simple yet fundamental changes, it can be even better. I really appreciate her help in all aspects of my life."