Donlee Likins

Donlee Likins

"I liked an exercise that Donlee proposed of using the sensation a positive feelings in a certain place in my body and into a situation when I am having a negative feeling."



"I had a session with Donlee. We did a life balance wheel and chakra cards with an intuitive reading. She was very professional and took the time to explain each exercise and answer any and all questions I had. I was very impressed with her and would definitely see her again!"



"I feel so fortunate to have been blessed with a coaching session with Donlee.  Her gentle guidance was so inspirational and helped me focus on some of the things I would really like to change in my life.  I feel so renewed and enlightened after having a session with her and am excited to see where her gifts will lead."



"I have thoroughly enjoyed my sessions with Donlee, the knowledge she is sharing and the growth I am experiencing. Working with Donlee has slowly but surely improved my life and mental state."



"I am so impressed with Donlee's special gift of healing and relating to people. She put me at ease and gave me insight on areas of my life that are on track and on other areas that need improvement. It was extremely interesting and insightful. The Chakra cards were amazing and right on target. We also did the wellness wheel. Donlee's knowledge along with her peaceful presence makes a wonderful combination for working with clients."



"My session with Donlee was wonderful. I felt like she was genuine and present throughout the session. It was very relaxing and I think I even fell asleep. I also felt liked she keyed in on several areas of low energy and clued me in on how to help with those areas."



"Donlee is tremendously gifted at connecting with who I am on a Spirit level. I have been looking for ways to manage my energy for quite some time and Donlee’s coaching advice was absolutely perfect. Everything she offered me was simple to implement and effective. As someone developing their intuitive gift, clarity and simplicity are necessary and welcomed. Thank you Donlee for reintroducing me to myself! I am looking forward to working with Donlee as I continue to develop my gift and learn to manage my energy in a way that brings me power, peace and presence. Donlee’s skills with healing touch and intuitive wellness coaching continue to impress me. She offers me just enough support and assistance to understand myself on a deeper intuitive level without leading me. Donlee allows space for my healing touch session to guide my self-care. She knows exactly the right questions to ask – and when – to allow me time to connect with my own intuition and knowledge of myself after each session. She is also very open to my questions and provides additional resources for me that allow me to research and gather my own understanding. Donlee has found a way to connect with me in a space that few people have. I am very grateful to call her my intuitive coach!" 



"Donlee's class was very informative and I enjoyed the session. She was very professional and knew her stuff. Donlee is very informative, professional, and it a wealth of knowledge.  She is a great life coach."



"Donlee is poised, calm and relaxed which made for an informative and comfortable session."



"Donlee is well-educated, easygoing and extremely open to sharing her knowledge."



"Donlee did a great interactive presentation, very knowledgeable, and provided interesting information one can already put to use. She has a really nice relaxing easy kind of way about her.  Very enjoyable!"



"I have known Donlee for years, so I already knew how special and talented she is.  And having done the life coaching program and some healing touch classes, I was interested in seeing how she combined the two.  The coaching session was short, which I liked.  She focused on how I felt currently and what I would like to work on, then she did the healing touch.  Sadly, silly me wore a crystal necklace that interfered with her reading, but she was still able to give me an awesome reading and told me areas in which I'm blocked and things I need to work on.  Everything she said made sense and made me feel hopeful and excited to work on those things."



"My experience with Donlee was transformative. From the moment you first meet her, she is kind and open which makes you feel immediately comfortable. I have not ever done this type of energy work and Donlee was very informative on educating me on what to expect. Her years of experience are obvious when she speaks on the subject you can tell she is very knowledagable and confident. From what felt like just minutes of relaxing on a table, Donlee seemed to nail exactly what issues I have been working on, struggling with and ones I didn't know existed yet made perfect sense. She gave me great tools to help me grow and heal in those areas. After the session I felt like I had more energy and clarity then ever before. The session was extremely helpful and I can not wait to work with her again."