Denise Galbraith

Denise Galbraith

"Denise immediately put me at ease in our session. I wasn’t quite sure how to discuss what I wanted to work on, goals, etc., and Denise’s demeanor and explanation of the process allowed me to open up and get to the bottom of what I wanted to discuss. Coming from a therapy-based background, I have a tendency to talk at length about things that are more emotionally driven, rather than active statements. Denise did a great job of trying to keep me on track and asked pertinent questions that really got to the bottom of the issues I was facing rather than discussing the root of whatever feelings I had. Her positivity and support is infectious, and by the end, I really felt like I was capable of making the changes I wanted to, even if they had initially seemed insurmountable."


"My life-coaching session with Denise was great! Really helped me to focus on what I need to do to set some goals and successfully achieve them. Forced me to actually put a timeline on things and be accountable for the stuff I said I'm going to do. Denise was great at asking questions to help me focus on the areas I need to improve and guide the conversation. Made an hour fly by, and I never thought I'd have enough to talk about for that long!"


"Denise is very good at constructive tips to help me achieve my goals. She had very helpful suggestions for small things that I could do to make changes on large things which I found extremely helpful because large changes are often intimidating. She was also very positive and not judgmental. She's very approachable and I found it very easy to open up to her with goals I have not really put into words."


"Denise and I spoke mostly about issues I had been having with my boyfriend of over a year.  Speaking with Denise made me realize that I need to take control of the issues that we were having and take ownership of how I was feeling about negative patterns that had emerged.  It made me take a step back and realize that I needed to be honest with myself about if things were actually improving and if I really believed that they could (or if the emotional differences between us were indicative of a fundamental incompatibility that would continue to re-emerge no matter what).  I feel I already have improved - the next time we had a fight about the same issues, I was able to be strong, resolute, but compassionate and we decided to stop seeing each other romantically.  Or, I decided it, but he understood. I don't know what will happen or if it will stick, but speaking with Denise really helped me clarify things for myself and come to terms with what I was feeling.  She's great."


"Denise was great and I had an super first-time experience. Denise had a lot of excitement and enthusiasm for our meeting which was totally fun. She shared many helpful solutions and ideas and was extremely personable and relatable. It felt like I was talking with a friend and I was very comfortable opening up about my business and personal life. She was likewise very loose and relaxed and allowed the conversation to flow according to my thoughts and feelings. I also appreciated and respect her current and past professional experience and work ethic. She is very organized and extremely competent. I love the balanced nature of her person."


"I am a yoga instructor, massage therapist, small business owner and have my B.A. in Psychology. I have trouble being able to find good inspiration and direction from others but really need it because that is what I offer all day every day! Denise was super professional and helpful. Helped me to get clear, used clear language, was personable and open and wise. I felt so empowered after our sessions and made great strides in accomplishing big goals after our sessions. I'm so grateful for Denise and her coaching. She really helped me stay true to the inner strings of my being and be persistent in my goals and dreams, knowing i have the brains to make it work. She is supporting me in life-shaping and changing decisions. I love our sessions. I know I will keep this thing going."


"Denise was a very patient and attentive listener, and an excellent guide to help lead the way down the path of my own thoughts.  She recommended specific web-based applications which she deemed as relevant to my needs, and made suggestions regarding small, incremental steps I could make towards my goals, changes I could make in a short term manner towards a longer term achievement."


"Denise and I discussed my current struggles in grad school and came up with a great plan to reach my goals. She had very helpful resources to share with me on the spot, even though she didn't know what we would be discussing before the session started. She was personable and made me feel comfortable. I really enjoyed the session and think Denise was a natural."


"I've been struck by Denise's genuineness, compassion, listening skills, insightful questions that helped me hone in on areas I'd like to improve -- and how to do so -- and her solid suggestions toward that end. She's very bright, positive, personable, down-to-earth, and, I feel, in possession of an unusually strong, heartfelt desire to connect and best serve her clients' needs. She is an excellent life coach in part because she shows up fully present while still holding boundaries professionally. Denise has the gift of holding a space that's supportive and nurturing, and I find those qualities very grounding. With her, I felt a balance of being accepted as I am and inspired to see clearly what I want to change in my life; the latter didn't feel impossible and I never felt judged. She's a natural conversationalist, trustworthy and forthright."


"During my sessions with Denise, she built a positive rapport and made me feel very safe and respected. Denise was able to help me focus and choose different emotion words during my sessions. She noticed I used the word frustrated several times and challenged me to reflect on if that's how I actually felt. This was a spot on activity because I wasn't feeling frustrated, but rather hurt and sad. I believe Denise is a fantastic life coach."


"I felt comfortable with Denise's coaching style which was relaxed, attentive and real. She stayed on point and in the present and seemed to know when to push a little deeper, when to ask for clarity, and when to challenge my thinking. It felt very much like having a conversation with a friend, which allows the guard to go down, yet she stayed with the purpose of exploring what was important.  I felt able to share confidential personal issues without fear of judgement and her reflecting back was nuanced and helpful."


"I had a great coaching session with Denise. She really shone light on my core understandings and belief systems and the behaviors associated. Behavior that hasn't been supportive of my greatest self. She encouraged me to trace the source of these feelings: not wanting to be alone. She encouraged me to show more love to myself and start focusing on things that make me feel good, that I love to do. What would a complete life look like? I realized its important to love more, even if it's by myself. It's important to reframe my understanding from, 'When I have this person in my life, it will be complete' to 'Nothing will complete me outside of myself.' Balancing time with myself and others. Sharing my feelings about my tendencies with men and being listened to and supported by Denise was powerful! I thoroughly enjoyed the session and I would love to do it again. The setting was informal and I immediately felt comfortable like I could tell her anything, with no judgement. It felt like a safe place to share, and I really think it was very valuable to speak on my concerns. Denise is a fabulous listener, she is able to speak directly and didn't ever seem at a loss for words. It was refreshing to hear her perspective and it felt like she had alot of insight on the matter."