Demetrius Patterson

Demetrius Patterson

"Before talking to Demetrius, I was very weary and frustrated. Talking to him really made me see things differently."



"Before the session began, I was really at a point where I was confused about certain areas of my life. I was really in a blur and I needed to be able to take inventory of things and gain some much needed clarity on certain facets of my life, which I felt I had no control over. Demetrius was absolutely amazing. The atmosphere of the session was a comfortable space where I felt I was able to be transparent, open and honest. It was an atmosphere where I felt comfortable to expose my vulnerability and express how I really feel. Demetrius was extremely supportive and provided the structure I needed to be able to sort things out. We did exercises and came up with affirmations that were very powerful. Those affirmations provided a boost in the area of confidence, self-esteem and challenged me. It was so therapeutic and I felt released from so many things that I had been bound by. After the session, I felt lighter and reassured of my life's intended path. My time with Demetrius made thins crystal clear and provided me with the ability to embrace myself in a way that I never have before. Honestly, I left the session feeling refreshed, balanced, re-focused and with a new assurance within myself."



"Demetrius and I covered every subject with open eyes and happy feelings. We spent about three hours together and discussed my wedding and my relationship with my fiancé and my family and everything I was worried about. I felt relieved, not that a weight had been lifted off my shoulders but more of a sense of accomplishment. Like I knew what I wanted and what I had to do to get there. He was confident and spoke firm and with assurance. I could not have thanked him enough."



"Before the session I was a bit worried that my life was going in the wrong direction. I had no clue what I was doing. I just knew I was an angry bitter yet loving person. After the session OH MY GOD!!! I have never felt so encouraged in my life to fix the things that trouble me. I feel like its okay to just let go! Having that session really changed my life for the better."



"He's truly a breath of fresh air! He was able to pull things out of me that I normally wouldn't be willing to talk about. In doing that he made me feel safe, secure, and comfortable. Demetrius probably doesn't realize it but he has a amazing way of word that can route a individual right onto their path to enter into fulfilling their destiny! He's simply amazing!"



"I needed help making a marketing strategy for my business. Demetrius has such a beautiful diversity of experience from human to corporate. I am a naturally creative and I just needed a little nudge and structure. He understood exactly what I needed and tailored his coaching to suit me and my needs. He has such a gentle way of effortlessly mirroring my ideas and brand back at me. All I had to do was make notes and he even recorded the session so I had it all there afterwards. His questions got right to the heart of the matter and his calm, steady, grounded presence grounded my wild excitement as my ideas flourished right before my eyes."



"He is a dynamic coach! I was able to share some things with him that I NEVER thought I would be able share with anyone.  He is a great listener, and where most people you confide in with some of your most darkest secrets will criticize or voice their opinion, he is the complete opposite. He didn't just sit and listen to what I had to say, but he aided in the areas of my life that I struggle with the most. Unfortunately our (almost) two hour session had to end because I had something that I had planned, but I am glad to say that our next session will continue another day this week. I'm more than excited to continue to talk with him about a few things that I struggle with in my life."