Craig "Fett" Fetterolf

Craig "Fett" Fetterolf


"I went into my session with Fett without really having any expectations about what we would talk about - I have never had any previous life coaching or counseling, so I wasn't at all sure what to expect. Within a very short time, he had us talking about something that has been troubling me without me even realizing how much it WAS troubling me; my long-term 'writer's block'. He achieved this simply by asking questions, and that made me feel like I was leading the conversation, rather than being led. He helped me to gel a laundry list of things that I was already aware of into one single notion that puts this issue into a brand-new light: I have to write as the person I am right now, rather than the person that I used to be. What worked for me a year ago is clearly not what works for me today - if the ideas and the songs aren't coming, it's because I am expecting them to come in the way that they used to. Sounds so simple but it was a revelation. That revelation was also surrounded with a lot of practical ideas about how to kick start the change by shaking things up and getting uncomfortable...can't wait to get started. Fett is a great listener and extremely perceptive."




"What an eye opening experience I had with Fett. The topic was my idea of 'I'm bad at business because I'm a creative person'. I had no idea what an insight I would have after talking to Fett. He allowed for such a space of nonjudgement and openness that things just came out of me like I had rehearsed what I was gonna say for weeks. His calming personality made feel real comfortable and the way he shed light on certain things blew me away. One thing was the concept of being bad in business. It turns out I'm just overwhelmed by all of it and I can be great in business if I just focus and dedicate a little time on it. His technique of asking as opposed to just telling me what do felt great, things like 'Are you willing?' and 'Do you like' were very effective. I got so much out of our session that it has provoked some never-before-had ideas....Thank you Fett!"




"I met with Nancy and Fett for two Life Coaching sessions. They were fantastic and very inspirational."




"I met with Fett and Nancy Moran and we had a great coaching session. They were very thorough in their questions and answers for that matter. We mostly discussed career goals and how to achieve those goals. With the years of experience that both Nancy and Fett have, they were able to give me some wonderful insight on where my career could go as an artist and writer and gave me some realistic short-term goals that will hopefully lead to larger long-term goals. They encouraged me to ask questions of them which i did and they both had questions for me that opened my eyes to some new ways to further my career. Overall, my experience was extremely positive with both Fett and Nancy and would encourage others in this business to seek their advice and coaching."




"I had a coaching with Fett and he was very good at holding space for me and giving me insights and helping me find solutions that I had not thought of. He, also being a creative person & musician, understood how I am wired since he is wired in much the same way, and gave me some insight on how I can see my natural wiring as a strength. We talked about perfectionism and it's strengths and weaknesses and the topic of 'Letting Go' when my mind gets frozen or stuck... Creative people just see the world differently, and talking to him with his personal understanding was incredibly helpful to me!  He also gave me some hope and insight on finding the right people to collaborate with creatively. He fully understands the industry on a deep level. He gave great and relevant examples of his positive experiences in this town which comforted me into realizing that Nashville has a lot more to offer than I realized. Hearing his positive experiences in this town really helped open my eyes, shifted my perspective and motivated me. My enthusiasm has returned as a result. I am back now to seeing Nashville through the eyes of how I felt 2 1/2 years ago, very positively!  I am facing my fears of my past experiences squarely in the eye and pushing onward.  Fett is very sincere, knowledgeable, non-judgmental and motivating.  He is a gem of a human being and I recommend him Highly!!" 




"I had the pleasure of spending an hour with Fett which was comforting considering the informative questions he asked regarding my well-being. It was an eye opening experience to hear my self vocalize. Fett's questioning helped me to approach my issues head on. I never felt an uneasiness or vulnerable feeling at all during our chat."