Colleen Borstad

Colleen Borstad

"Colleen did a wonderful job of fluidly navigating the conversation between long-term aspirations and goals to short-term steps and decisions. She was not prescriptive, but rather, she was conversational. She posed questions that helped frame my perspective on decisions that are relevant to me today. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with her and would recommend her to others."



"I am going through a slew of transitions in my life right now, and Colleen and I talked about the changes. She helped me to look at each area of my life and encouraged me to identify what the priorities are in each area. It was enlightening for me to then look at all the crazy activity and see where all my efforts are going, and whether they line up with those priorities."



"Colleen and I discussed how to identify the goals I was hoping to achieve and methods to achieve them. I came away with two pages of notes and a plan to build a map for getting to where I want to be in two years, as well as for laying groundwork for my career in the 3-5 year future."



"Colleen was absolutely great. She made me feel at ease to open up and have a real conversation, even about the more stressful things. She really understood where I was coming from and what I was about.  Colleen opened me up to new ideas, gave me solid advice and tactics I could use that fit my lifestyle. I'm excited to talk to her again and fill her in on my next steps!"



"My coaching session with Colleen was incredibly helpful. It was very personable - felt much like a conversation and that she was connecting with me as an individual. During this conversation, I felt like I had a true thought partner in thinking through future career planning."



"Colleen added perspective to some life issues I was having that helped me to not be hard on myself plus gave me constructive ideas on what to do to make a positive push forward.  Her directness, honesty and clarity gave me insight and a gentle nudge."



"I was coached by Colleen about whether or not I should resign from my current position. I have worked with Colleen in the past, so she knows me well. She is always encouraging. This specific talk involved her helping me brainstorm what some of my next moves might be and why. She helped me think outside the box of my current role and encouraged me to be more ambitious and confident."



"Colleen was very easy to talk to and made several good suggestions of how I can precede with my dilemma.  After I got off the phone with her I felt a weight lifted."



"Colleen is wonderful! She is able to help me sort out what is important to focus on (from a logistical stand point)."



"It is a rare gift for me, a pastor, to have someone focus on helping me.  Colleen was kind, insightful...pressed when needed, used humor and just really good at helping me and calling me out.  She reviewed the ideas at the end.  Really helpful."



"My session with Colleen was about my future plans.  I am a third year medical student in rotations and am trying to discern what area of specialty I would like to pursue.  Colleen helped me work through some of the pros and cons of the options that exist for me and also helped me to see different views of the situation.  She helped me gain perspective that I needed by asking me several questions about my situation and then speaking with me about different ways of approaching my decision.  Colleen is such a great life coach with an extensive knowledge base who will be able to help a lot of people across a wide variety of areas!" 



"Colleen has this way about her that is a cross between sophisticated/professional career planning and this ethereal almost shamanic spiritual path guidance that is just what I need at this stage of my life. She helps me organize my own motivations and listen to parts deep in my soul that I've been disconnected from for years. It helps that she knows me and that we've worked together/known each other for years. She can alert me to motivations within myself that she can easily see, but I can't. And I think that's part of what coaches are really good at - helping us know ourselves better."



"Colleen and I discussed my current concern of putting too much on my plate and not having any down time which contributes to stress and anxiety. She suggested (and I am in the process of doing) that I write down everything I do. From that list, discover which of those things contribute to my intentions of writing and beekeeping, eliminating those things that do not assist me in that focus. As space opens up, she recommends that I let those spaces remain open for awhile filing them with love and light (this suggestion feels so relaxing to me.) She also suggested that I feel and visualize the end result. I have started the process of writing things down and getting a real sense and clarity of my life intention at this point in my life. My next step is to begin eliminating all that does not contribute to that intention. I'm looking forward to this next step and like to thank Colleen in her assistance. We plan to meet again in about two to three weeks to see how I have come along."



"Colleen really made me feel validated and centered in a crazy corporate environment and gave me practical ideas to help me make it through."



"I'm currently feeling uneasy about my current work situation and how to handle letting them know I'm leaving and how to go about navigating things. Colleen was great. She listened and really tailored her response to me and helped guide me to options suited for my situation. She always has great ideas to help me define what it is I'm looking for and how to use my current experiences, good or bad, as a useful tool for the future."