Christine Cain

Christine Cain


"I had my life Coaching session with Christine and I believe that it went very well.  She asked me some very good questions regarding my current situation and was able to give me some things to think about, going forward.  She was professional and compassionate. I have a strong sense that she really wants to help anyone she coaches.  Our discussion was very helpful.  I believe that she will excel in this field."


"Christine had an organized and directed approach with her input, and she quickly helped me nail down a few short-term goals that would get me started in the right direction.  It was interesting because there were all my favorite elements of a conversation with her (empathy, support, and a bit of a 'shoot for the stars' mentality) but with more confidence and a concrete plan of action.  I'm working on satisfying some of the short-term goals as we speak, and I'm excited to be taking the first steps towards a bigger picture."


"Christine's feedback gave me much food for thought.  She listened intently to me and that means a lot.  Without a doubt, she is a very capable Life Coach."


"In my life coaching session with Christine today, we delved into some issues I am having with deciding on what direction to go in order to bring in cash while focusing on creating the life I desire. Chris's intuitive and heartfelt style resonated with me very strongly and she helped me to see some things I would never have considered. Chris also used some of her intuitive gifts to give me information I definitely needed to hear. I now feel as though I can go forward with my career, focus on how to create my dreams and also bring in some cash in the meantime. She also assisted me in seeing parts of myself I had thought of as negative in a more positive manner. I left our session feeling positive and uplifted, with more arrows in my quiver on how to manifest what I want into my life while not ignoring the day to day necessities of living in this world. Chris is an exceptional coach and very good at helping clients to see and hear what they need to move forward."


"Christine was helpful in me coming up with a set plan. It was not easy because I am in a really great place in life. Mentally, spiritually and physically. However I procrastinate with my filing because I manage several entities. So she came up with the suggestion to use my smart phone to set up a timer/reminder that this is something I want to get better at."