Charneva Franklin

Charneva Franklin


"I have been working with Charneva for about a month. She is has opened my eyes to new options for food, exercise, and even ways to love and forgive myself. I have always been ok with my weight. It has never been a problem. But after receiving my Holistic Blueprint and making changes in my life I have lost 10 pounds not even wanting to lose it. I feel like I have shed some negative patterns and created some positive habits. I had no idea what an affirmation was, now I use them daily. I am happier and become happier daily. I initially only intended on her and I speaking about making healthy changes in my families diet, but during the very first session I realized that it was more than just healthy diet changes I wanted to make. I also needed a healthy life change. I know that I have a lot more to grow, but Charneva really put me on the right track. I would recommend Charneva’s Holistic Me service to others. This was an eye opening experience."


"I am a work in progress. Charneva coaches me on my attitude showing me alternatives in releasing my anger. She has given me information on different ways to channel my anger and I have been journaling. Through our coaching sessions, yoga, and meditation I am becoming less of a hot head!"


"After a Holistic Life Coaching with Charneva, I have been able to make better decisions. I've always been interested in meditation but didn't know how to begin or even if it would benefit me. Charneva showed me techniques on how to begin and provided me with resources if I wanted more. From one session, I have been able to incorporate meditation into my day and think clearly. I am already noticing that I'm making better decisions."


"Charneva coached a Holistic Nutrition session for teens, aged 14 to 17, at Goodwill Industries. She facilitated discussions related to a healthy mind, body, and spirit. She talked about choosing healthier options; food, exercise, meditation, and other things that help take care of the body. After the hour-long session, which had 11 teens and six others, she demonstrated yoga positions. Channel 17 recorded some footage of the event."

Arnold Roach
Transitional Training Manager
Goodwill Industries of Middle Tennessee, Inc