Bliss Wood

Bliss Wood


"Bliss has a great way of drawing you toward your best self. Her coaching style is both subtle and direct which is so refreshing. She asks pointed questions that guide you into a simple yet powerful direction. I'm grateful for her expertise and guidance." 



"Bliss actively listened and commented at appropriate times and summarized some of my observations using concise language. She reminded me that we both were holding this conversation sacred, and that made me feel very protected and at ease."



"I met with Bliss for two sessions and we discussed my plan for 2015 and where I would like to be by the end of the year. My concern was balancing work and taking time to care for myself. Bliss’ approach helped me realize how important it is for me to renew my meditation practice. We talked about setting boundaries with clients setting blocks of time to work only and times to focus completely on taking care of myself. Bliss helped me come to my own conclusions with great questions. Her approach is wonderful. She is very easy to talk to. She was very intuitive honing in on the weak areas in my current lifestyle and letting me come to my own 'ah ha' moments. After just two sessions,  I notice a difference."



"It is a pleasure working with Bliss. She helps focus some of my personal goals and business goals. She is deep in her thoughts and really gives great advice!"



"I was initially concerned because I had such a lack of clarity going into the session that I was unsure as to what we were going to discuss. During our session, Bliss was able to navigate me through the muddle. She instantly started to bring clarity to my situation. Bliss provided me with tangible tools and goals for after our session as well. The whole time I felt cared for, understood and solid in her hands. Our time together was such a great experience I hope to work with her again soon. She has a great gift to offer the world."



"I found Bliss to be insightful, professional and extremely helpful.  She was able to guide me through a lot of 'my stuff' and then zero in on some core issues that could then be examined separately.  She was an empathic listener but then took it a little further by encouraging me to dig deeper into some of my thoughts, ideas and comments to find core feelings and beliefs, some of which were holding me back.  I think she has wonderful listening skills, is gifted at holding space and helping a person feel at ease."



"I had the pleasure of spending an hour with Bliss. I'm going through a big life change right now and have been pretty depressed and confused about it for a couple of months. One hour with Bliss not only brought to light the gifts this challenge is bringing me but also helped me with some, what I thought were unrelated, issues as to how I define success. This is going to be a big, wonderful shift in my life! I immediately called my husband and even began crying (happy tears) while telling him about my session. So very happy and grateful. I have a completely new outlook on what I thought was a problem, now I very much see it as a huge opportunity!"